TOC Videos 2012: Regan Grishaber v Tom Cameron (and Two Bonus Videos)

They’re finally here: NSD Update is wrapping up its coverage of the 2012 Jan/Feb topic with videos from the 2012 TOC, as well as remaining videos from the Hockaday Round Robin. Check back frequently for more videos.

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The first featured round is the following: Regan Grishaber of Aliso Niguel (CA) affirms against Tom Cameron of Loyola Blakefield (MD) in R5 of the 2012 TOC.

The second featured round is the following: Ryan Fink of Meadows (NV) affirms against Erwin Li of Torrey Pines (CA) in R2 of the 2012 TOC.

The third featured round is the following: Adam Bistagne of Loyola (CA) affirms against Nikhil Nag of Mountain View (CA) in R5 of the 2012 TOC.

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  • So I’m aware that the audio, which is the most important part, is great, but is there any particular reason the videos are blurry/out of focus or was that just an unintentional error?

    • Anonymous

      Amyn we all can’t be great photographers and debaters like yourself. S/o to kassam photography 

    • Anonymous

      Wholly unsure. The camera itself doesn’t have a manual focus–its auto-focus has always worked fine in the past–so I assumed it was a cleaning issue. But that didn’t resolve it either.