Tommy Choi wins Woodward Second Year Nationals; Brentwood Closes Out Novice Nationals










Congratulations to Harvard Westlake’s Tommy Choi for winning this year’s Woodward Second Year National’s and the Brentwood School for closing out the novice division.

Tommy bested Shania Hunt from Northland Christian in finals. Tommy is coached by Mike Bietz, Adam Torson, Stephen Babb, Josh Roberts, Marshall Thompson, and Jake Sonnenberg. Shania is coached by Kevin Roberts, Paul Gravley, Perry Beard, and Pat Donovan.

Second Year Results:

Partial Octafinals:

HWL TC advances without debating.
HWL JE advances without debating.
HWL SH advances without debating.
Loyola MG advances without debating.
Northland Christian SH advances without debating.
Meadows EJ advances without debating.
La Jolla RP def. Loyola CK (Chris Kymn) 3-0 (Babb, Kaczmarek, Jih)
HWL WG def. Loyola Blakefield TG (Tyler Good-Cohn) 2-1 (Liu, Sigalow, Martinet*)


HWL TC def. La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad) 2-1  (Malone*, Phillips, Koh)
Northland Christian SH def. HWL WG (William Gingold) 3-0(Malone, Philips, Koh)
HWL JE def. Loyola MG (McKay Giller) 3-0 (Liu, Cameron, Fink)
HWL SH def. Meadows EJ (Elisse Johnson) 3-0 (Liu, Cameron, Dillard)


Northland Christian SH def. HWL SH (Shelby Heitner) 3-0 (Liu, Fink, Koh)
HWL TC advances over HWL JE (Julie Engel)

HWL TC def. Northland Christian (Shania Hunt) 2-1 (Harris, Koh, Fink*)

Champion: HWL TC (Tommy Choi)


First Year Results Forthcoming…