Tyler Morris Wins Newark Invitational; Liz Pires Takes Newark RR

Finals of Newark: Larry Millstein and Tyler Morris

NEWARK, NJ– Congratulations to The Bronx High School of Science’s Tyler Morris for defeating Scarsdale’s Larry Millstein to win the 2012 Newark Invitational. Tyler is coached by Jon Cruz, Matt Dunay, Ryan Davis, John Lewis, and Alex Zhang; Larry is coached by Joe Vaughan, Perry Green, Oliver Roth and Eric Thurm.

Bronx Science TM def. Ridge LP (Liz Pires)
Scarsdale LM def. Bronx Science ZR (Zeke Rosenberg)

Bronx Science TM (aff) def. Scarsdale LM (Larry Millstein) 5-2

Champion: Bronx Science TM (Tyler Morris)

Prior to the tournament, Ridge’s Liz Pires defeated Larry to capture the Newark Round Robin. Liz is coached by David Yastremski and Charlie Furman.

The field for the 2012 Newark Round Robin:

Byram Hills JA (Josh Altman)
Millburn SM (Shiv Malhotra)
Montville DD (Deep Dheri)
Newark PV (Paul Viegas)
Princeton RP (Ryan Protter)
Ridge LP (Liz Pires)
Scarsdale LM (Larry Millstein)
Timothy Christian AM (Andrew Meleta)