University Closes Out Florida State Tournament

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DAVIES, FL–Congratulations to USchool for closing out the 2012 Florida Forensic League State Tournament! Josh Tupler, Mike Fried, and Saahil Jain were declared co-champions (Mike was walked over in semifinals). University is coached by Steve Schappaugh, Ross Brown, Ernie Rose, Tom Evnen, Josh Sherman, and Bradley Hicks.

Partial Doubles
15. Jupiter NC def 18. Keys Gate RS (Romae Smith)
17. Miami Palmetto MS def. 16. Pine View JL (Jacquelyn Law)

1. Pine View AK def. 17. Miami Palmetto MS (Mia Spigelman)
15. Jupiter NC def. 2. University School BH (Brandon Hopen)
14. Trinity Prep MP def. 3. Pine View SG (Shaun Gallagher)
4. University School DB def. 13. Newsome JG (Josh Gebara)
5. University School JT def. 12. Trinity Prep SD (Sebastian De Armas)
11. University School SJ def. 6. Ft. Lauderdale ES (Ethan Singer)
7. University School MF def. 10. Gulf Breeze AH (Amelia Hizer)
8. Lake Highland NN def. University School HS (Hannah Samson)

8. Lake Highland NN def. 1. Pine View AK (Alexanda Krongel)
7. University School MF def. 2. Jupiter NC (Natalia Castro)
11. University School SJ def. 14. Trinity Prep MP (Mathew Pregasen)
5. University School JT advances over 4. University School DB (David Branse)

University School SJ advances over University School MF (Mike Fried)
University School JT def. Lake Highland NN (Nikhil Nandu)

USchool JT, MF, and SJ close out.

Speaker Awards
10. Lake Highland CM (Christian Morris)
9. University School BH (Brandon Hopen)
8. University School MF (Mike Fried)
7. Gulf Breeze AH (Amelia Hizer)
6. Ft. Lauderdale ES (Ethan Singer)
5. Pine View AK (Alexandra Krongel)
4. University School JT (Josh Tupler)
3. University DB (David Branse)
2. Pine View SG (Shaun Gallagher)
1. University School HS (Hannah Samson)