Valley HS Announces 2012 Mid-America Cup; Seeks Sophomore Throw-Down Nominations

The 2012 Valley Mid-America Cup will take place in West Des Moines, Iowa on the last weekend in September.

The Second Annual Sophomore Throw-Down round robin will take place on Friday, September 28.

Registration for the tournament will take place on Friday evening.

Preliminary debates and early elims will take place on Saturday, September 29 and Sunday, September 30. Late elims will take place at the tournament hotel on Monday, October 1.

The 2011 Mid-America Cup featured an octofinals bid in LD debate, and a semifinals bid in Policy and PF. We hope to retain those bid levels for 2012.

Valley traditionally features excellent competition, top-flight judging, and superior hospitality. We hire and fly in multiple judges to enhance the quality of our pool. Our parent boosters, the Friends of Valley Debate, work tirelessly to ensure that students and judges have access to excellent food. And our schedule allows you to take advantage of the many great restaurants in and around West Des Moines and still get plenty of sleep.

Check out the 2011 results here:

The 2012 Mid-America Cup looks to be nearly conflict-free! In the past we have run against the Niles Community policy tournament in Illinois, the Yale tournament, and Harker. This year, we are not running against any of those events. 

The tournament website will be on Joy of Tournaments, and registration will go up in mid-July.

We are also seeking nominations for next year’s Sophomore Throw-Down. If you coach or know a student who will be a sophomore in the 2012-2013 school year, feel free to shoot an email with the student’s and their coach’s contact information to Dave McGinnis at: