Jim Huang wins 2012 Valley Mid-America Cup


Des Moines, IA– UPDATE: Elim results posted for policy and LD. Ballots to follow early next week.

New Orleans Jesuit’s Jim Huang defeated Bronx Science’s Shai Szulanski in the final round of the 2012 Valley Mid-America Cup. The round was adjudicated by Christian Tarsney, Lauren Burdt and Eric Melin, and the decision was a 2-1 for Jim on the negative.

Jim is coached by Travis Smith, Ian Gunn, and Josh Tupler; Shai is coached by Jon Cruz, Matt Dunay, Ryan Davis, Abhi Elisetty, John Lewis, Zack Struver, and Alex Zhang.

Full results for all divisions:

MAC 2012 PF packet

MAC 2012 PF teams

MAC 2012 PF speakers

MAC 2012 LD packet

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MAC 2012 LD speakers

MAC 2012 CX packet

MAC 2012 CX teams

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MAC 2012 Elim Results Sheet CX

MAC 2012 LD elim results sheet