Arjun Tambe Wins Valley Sophomore Throw-Down

Des Moines, IA–Congratulations to PV Peninsula’s Arjun Tambe for defeating Sacred Heart’s Adam Tomasi to win the Valley Sophomore Throw-Down. Arjun is coached by Samantha Weiss and Chris Theis; Adam is coached by Jacob Nails.

Bengal Pod

1. PV Peninsula – Arjun Tambe

University School – David Branse

Brentwood – Jacob Chorches

Hopkins – Sam Greenwald

Apple Valley – Grace Hoffa

Valley – Gina Scorpiniti

Lake Highland – Rikhav Shah

Hockaday – Lakshmi Uppalapati


Siberian Pod

1. Sacred Heart – Adam Tomasi

Walt Whitman – Sophia Caldera

Woodlands – Abbey Chapman

Dobson – Katie Dixon

Hockaday – Anne-Marie Hwang

Harker – Pranav Reddy

Valley – Grady Stein

DM Roosevelt – Emma Weddle

  • jnails killin it

  • pranav is 9-3 heading into the last round. does this break to sems or straight to finals?

  • Tomasi v Arjun. yeee

  • everyone in the siberian pod is going down

    • Mathew Pregasen

      If you engage, you will end up in Siberia by the time the round is over!!!!!!!

  • Go Anne-Marie! #Divine Debaters

  • Now officially tweeting on the hashtag: #youinsiberianow