2012-2013 Bid List- Known At Large Applicants Bolded









Below is the 2012-2013 Bid List

Walt Whitman concludes the season’s bid opportunities. Congratulations to Loyola’s Michael Harris for being the bid leader for the ’12-’13 season.

9 Bids
Michael Harris’13- Loyola (Greenhill, Voices, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, CPS, VBT, Stanford, Berkeley)

8 Bids
Sam Mathews’13- Kent Denver (Greenhill, Voices, St. Mark’s, Iowa Caucus, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, VBT, Berkeley)
Richard Shmikler’13- St. Louis Park (Valley, Iowa Caucus, Glenbrooks, Dowling Catholic, Blake, VBT, Harvard, Walt Whitman)

7 Bids
Terrence Lonam’13- Lake Highland (Pine Crest, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Dowling Catholic, University, Lexington, Berkeley)
Yang Yi’13- Millburn (Yale, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Princeton, University, Lexington, Harvard)
Henry Zhang’13- PV Peninsula (Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, CPS, VBT, Stanford, Harvard)
Danny DeBois’14- Harrison (Greenhill, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Lexington, Harvard, Walt Whitman)

6 Bids
Colton Smith’13- Wenatchee (Valley, Whitman, Alta, UPS, Federal Way, Stanford)
Adam Hoffman’13- Lexington (Yale, Hendrick Hudson, Glenbrooks, Blake, Emory, Harvard)
Jim Huang’14- New Orleans Jesuit (Valley, Bronx Science, Glenbrooks, Isidore Newman, Emory, Vestavia)

5 Bids
Megan Nubel’13- West Des Moines Valley (Yale, Blake, Omaha Westside, Lexington, Harvard)
Jeremy Dang’13- Strake Jesuit (Grapevine, Greenhill, Glenbrooks, UT, University)
Daniel Tartakovsky’13- PV Peninsula (Greenhill, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, CPS, VBT)
Andrew Glantz’13- Brentwood (Yale, Valley, Meadows, Glenbrooks, Berkeley)
Chris Kymn’14- Loyola (Meadows, Alta, Blake, CPS, Berkeley)
Ram Prasad’14- La Jolla (Pine Crest, Valley, Glenbrooks, CPS, Harvard)
Rebecca Kuang’13- Greenhill (Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Emory, Harvard)
Robbie Steirn’13- Cypress Bay (Pine Crest, University, Lexington, Emory, Harvard)
Samir Reddy’13- Brophy (Voices, Alta, VBT, Golden Desert, Harvard)

4 Bids
Elana Leone’13- CESJDS (Greenhill, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks)
Travis Chen’14- Palo Alto (Greenhill, St. Mark’s, Meadows, VBT)
Michael O’Krent’14- Harvard Westlake (Brophy, St. Mark’s, Meadows, VBT)
Tillman Huett’13- Pflugerville (Grapevine, St. Mark’s, UT, University)
Annie Kors’14- Harvard Westlake (Brophy, Bronx Science, Blake, VBT)
Joseph Millmania’13- Carpe Diem (Greenhill, Princeton, VBT, Lexington)
Jordan Durrani’13- Cypress Woods (St. Mark’s, UT, Winston Churchill, Colleyville Heritage)
Ed Hendrickson’13- Meadows (Voices, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Berkeley)
Adam Tomasi’15- Sacred Heart (Yale, Valley, Lexington, Harvard)
Leah Shapiro’14- St. Louis Park  (Greenhill, Valley, Iowa Caucus, Walt Whitman)

3 Bids
Lucy Korsakov’13- West Des Moines Valley (Yale, Dowling Catholic, Blake)
Grant James’13- Cypress Woods (Grapevine, St. Mark’s, UT)
Jessica Levy’14- Walt Whitman (Greenhill, Bronx Science, Blake)
Grant Reiter’13- Scarsdale (Apple Valley, Ridge, University)
Jason Smith’14- West Des Moines Valley (Glenbrooks, Blake, Lexington)
Shai Szulanski’13- Bronx Science (Valley, Hendrick Hudson, Emory)
David Joannides’13- Fordham Prep (Bronx Science, Princeton, Columbia)
Julie Engel’14- Harvard Westlake (St. Mark’s, Alta, Golden Desert)
Zeke Rosenberg’13- Bronx Science (Meadows, Princeton, Newark)
Jonathan Acevedo’13- Strake Jesuit (Greenhill, St. Mark’s, Harvard)
Brendan Gallagher’13- Harvard Westlake (Greenhill, Meadows, Berkeley)
McKay Giller’14- Loyola (Meadows, Alta, Berkeley)
Jonathan Uesato’13- Lynbrook (St. Mark’s, Stanford, Berkeley)

2 Bids
Daniel Selman’13- Vestavia (Isidore Newman, Emory)
Steffen Seitz’13- Strake Jesuit (Grapevine, Greenhill)
Sam Natbony’13- Scarsdale (Greenhill, Bronx Science)
Shania Hunt’14- Northland Christian (Greenhill, St. Mark’s)
Kathy Qiu’13- Hockaday (Valley, Bronx Science)
Grant Laverty’13- Ankey (Valley, Iowa Caucus)
Andrew Sohn’13- Harvard Westlake (Brophy, Apple Valley)
Paul Zhou’13- Lexington (Bronx Science, Apple Valley)
Larry Milstein’13- Scarsdale (Yale, Hendrick Hudson
Michael Harris’13- Marcus (St. Mark’s, Houston-Memorial)
Eli Hymson’13- Stoneman Douglas (Pine Crest, Dowling Catholic)
Shelby Heitner’14- Harvard Westlake (Blake, CPS)
Jake Steirn’16- Cypress Bay (Pine Crest, University)
Nanticha Lutt’13- West Des Moines Valley (Pine Crest, Omaha Westside)
Mark Gorthey’13- Westlake (St. Mark’s, Winston Churchill)
Ben Ulene’14- Scarsdale (Hendrick Hudson, University)
Pranav Reddy’15- Harker (Valley, VBT)
Samantha Hom’13- Stuyvesant (Ridge, Lexington)
Jackson Lallas’15- Brentwood (Meadows, Golden Desert)
Josh Altman’13- Byram Hills (Hendrick Hudson, Newark)
Allie Woodhouse’13- Winston Churchill (Apple Valley, Colleyville Heritage)
Arjun Tambe’15- PV Peninsula (Valley, Stanford)
Akhil Jalan’15- Peninsula (VBT, Stanford)
Haziq Siddiqi’13- Lynbrook (VBT, Stanford)
Jared Paul’15- Brentwood (UPS, Stanford)
Matthew Gmitro’13- Flower Mound (Grapevine, Berkeley)
Tori Seidenstein’14- Walt Whitman (Bronx Science, Harvard)
John Lewis’13- Kinkaid (Houston-Memorial, Berkeley)
Jerry Chen’13- Lexington (Glenbrooks, Harvard)
Jacob Arnett’13- Flower Mound (Isidore Newman, Berkeley)
Davis Labarre’15- Northland Christian (VBT, Berkeley)
Raghav Bansal’13- Durham Academy (Myers Park, Harvard)
Micah Rosen’15- Brentwood (Golden Desert, Berkeley)
Akhil Gandra’15- Westwood (Greenhill, Berkeley
Matthew Meyer- Isidore Newman (St. James, Vestavia)
Charlotte Lawrence’14- College Prep (St. Mark’s, Walt Whitman)

1 Bid
Benjamin Koh’13- Loyola (St. Mark’s)
Noah Grass’13- Pine Crest (Wake Forest)
Ben Swanson- Henry Clay (Wake Forest)
Maya Kaul’13- Presentation (Pine Crest)
Michael Sullivan- Syosset (Pine Crest)
Matthew Kosak- Christ Episcopal (St. James)
Noah Thaler’14- Scarsdale (Yale)
Matthew Agar-Johnson’13- Collegiate (Valley)
Jon Langel’13- Dowling Catholic (Valley)
Jackson Ave’13- Okoboji (Valley)
Julian Alvarez’13- Lake Highland (Valley)
Christine Chen’13- Hockaday (St. Mark’s)
Djorn Patel- Southlake Carroll (St. Mark’s)
Daisy Massey’14- Walt Whitman (Bronx Science)
Josh You- Lakeville North (Apple Valley)
Sam Anderson- Lakeville North (Apple Valley)
Ella Kuzmenko’13- Sammamish (Whitman)
Bailey Janisch’13- Bingham (Alta)
Thomas Phung’13- Bingham (Alta)
James Callison’13- Kent Denver (Alta)
Tommy Choi’14- Harvard Westlake (Alta)
Dhruv Walia’15- Lynbrook (Alta)
Aric Floyd- Hawken (Ohio Valley)
Austin Owen- Vestavia (Ohio Valley)
Kate Garret- duPont Manual (Ohio Valley)
Ruchir Rastogi- LAMP (Ohio Valley)
Jack Patton’14- Vestavia (Ohio Valley)
Shawn Xiong- Cypress Woods (Isidore Newman)
Karan Das-Grande’13- Harker (CPS)
Srikar Pyda’14- Harker (CPS)
Chris Jordan’14- Brophy (VBT)
Monica Amestoy’13- Flintridge Sacred Heart (VBT)
Sarah DiMagno- Lincoln (Omaha Westide)
Jacob Chorches’15- Brentwood (UPS)
Shannon Carrol’14- Snohomish (UPS)
Victor Mezcapa- University (OH) (Myers Park)
Jamis Barcott- Kamiak (Federal Way)
Jessica Xu’13- Livingston (Columbia)
Adnan Toric’14- Fern Creek Traditional (Emory)
Ryan McEvoy- Regis (Emory)
James Zhang’15- PV Peninsula (Stanford)
Morgan Lawson’13- Northland Christian (Berkeley)
Brennan Carruthers’13- La Costa Canyon (Berkeley)
Adam Roke’13- Torrey Pines (Berkeley)
Alex Sapadin- Snohomish (Berkeley)

Chloe Naguib- Hockaday (Harvard)
Reuban Hogan- Jesuit (Vestavia)
Andrew O’Donohue- Collegiate (Walt Whitman)

Automatic Qualifiers
Danny DeBois- Harrison
Rebecca Kuang- Greenhill
Daniel Tartakovsky- PV Peninsula
Henry Zhang- PV Peninsula
Carlton Bone- Suncoast/ Carlbrook

1. Harvard Westlake- 19 (Brendan Gallagher, Annie Kors, Michael O’Krent, Andrew Sohn, Julie Engel, Tommy Choi, Shelby Heitner)
2. Loyola- 18 (Michael Harris, Benjamin Koh, Chris Kymn, McKay Giller)
3. PV Peninsula- 17 (Daniel Tartakovsky, Henry Zhang, Arjun Tambe, Akhil Jalan, James Zhang)
4. West Des Moines Valley-13(Megan Nubel, Lucy Korsakov, Jason Smith, Nanticha Lutt)
5. Brentwood – 12 (Andrew Glantz, Jackson Lallas, Jared Paul, Jacob Chorches, Micah Rosen)
5. St. Louis Park- 12 (Leah Shapiro, Richard Shmikler)
7. Scarsdale- 11 (Grant Reiter, Sam Natbony, Larry Milstein, Noah Thaler, Aron Szanto, Ben Ulene)
8. Strake Jesuit- 10(Jeremy Dang, Steffen Seitz, Jonathan Acavedo)
8. Lexington- 10 (Adam Hoffman, Paul Zhou, Jerry Chen)
10. Kent Denver- 9 (Sam Mathews, James Callison)

79 People are Qualified to the TOC


    So many Juniors that i thought were seniors.. #struglife


    someone received a ghost bid there

  • Jacob Arnett- Flower Mound graduates ’13

  • jake stiern repping the ’16

  • sjadler

    Snowed out

  • Anonymous

    what happened to the scarsdale tournament?

  • Paras Kumar

    I am not sure if anyone checks the coaching and judging classified, so I’m just gonna make a quick post here: I am looking to coach either a team or some individuals for this summer/next year. I am no longer working with Harker.

    If you wanna get better at theory, util, non-phil fwk, case-writing, or strategy, shoot me an email at pkumar15 at berkeley dot edu and we can discuss the details.

    • Kid’s that want to learn to enjoy the activity and have fun while still winning need to capitalize on this offer. He’ll teach you a couple things, you’ll teach him a few things, it’ll be beautiful

    • Someone should hire Paras. The success of Brennan Caruthers is a testament to how good of a coach Paras is. Brennan went from going 2-4 at Berkeley last year to being co-champ of the round robin and getting to quarters this year. This is about 99% the result of the insane amount of drills he’s done with Paras since June.

      Also, Paras is the man and knows pretty much everything there is to know about debate.

  • Dhruv Walia

    Voices needs to be a quarters bid.

    • You sure like “voicing” your opinion 😉

    • akdio

      CPS needs to be a quarters bid.

    • Any extra bids should go to SoCal before anywhere else.

      • anon321

        nah, florida. there are only two bid tournaments so anybody who attends one of those schools has only one bid opportunity in state

        • This discussion of people only have two instate bids makes me laugh.

      • Fuck all y’all, lezz go Hawai’i
        It’s warm and got plenty of Presidential History

  • Guest
  • BenjaminKoh

    I called it “University” on the list: same logic behind using the term “Pine Crest” instead of “Crestian.”

  • St. Louis Park should have 10 bids, Leah Shapiro has 3 and Shmikler has 7.

  • last year it was like 82 or 83 (correct me if I’m wrong) i think but they usually aim for 72 but that’s probably not happening

    • Really varies, it’s also very difficult to predict b/c if people drop out on the day of/recently-before then that opens up spots.

      • Does that usually happen?

        • Rebar Niemi


  • akdio

    Is cal going to be added???


  • I pray the continued success of Kent on the circuit means that in coming years, Denver can have something that remotely represents a TOC culture.

    • That would be awesome. I’ve been talking to my old HS about doing some kind of CO schools “national circuit outreach program/camp” to try and get more schools involved with circuit debate. I think one of the issues is that people don’t get into it because debate camps are so expensive and there is a culture against it. If I get anything figured out I’ll talk to the Kent Debaters and see if they would be interested.

      • We should talk about that! I think a lot of the issue in Colorado is that it requires a lot of investment to get out of state. Since Kent is such an affluent school we have access to tournaments and travel that nobody else does, really. One of the things we could really take advantage of is that we have a really good debate camp in state.

      • I know none of you all know me very well, but please let me know if anything gets started. I’ve been praying for such a program since I joined debate back in Arizona in 2008. I’d love to see how you go about it, and even more so, I’d love to see it thrive.

      • Matt, I’ll be working a policy fellowship in Denver for the duration of summer and would be more than happy to help out with any sort ‘program’. Just let me know

  • disqus_yMpLZKLmG5

    Ohio Valley, currently a semis bid, needs to be demoted. This
    year, it had only 52 entries in the varsity LD pool. If that wasn’t bad enough,
    17 entries were from duPont Manual and another 10 were from Vestavia. There
    were only two matchups in round one that had neither a duPont debater nor a
    Vestavia debater. The tournament broke to octas, but some 4-1s advanced to
    quarters without debating. This means that they had to win just one elim round
    to bid. The judging was no better. Of the three judges on the finals panel, zero
    have posted their paradigm. If you want to check any of this, the results are
    all up on http://www.joyoftournaments.com/ky/uok-dec/info.asp?p=8.

  • BenjaminKoh


  • Legacy, as John Holland can only ever be happy in life when he has a Jace the Mind Sculptor on the board

    • That’s a little unnerving… Legacy is really shady. And Jace is designed to troll people.

      • Rebar Niemi

        Jace is called playing on easy mode. I prefer games of skill. Time Vault + Voltaic Key is my favorite because it is very interactive and fair.

  • anon9999

    Lake Highland should be on the “Schools” list since Terrence and Julian combined have 7 bids

  • Regarding the Emory debate tournament:

    There have been periodic complaints about not knowing who specifically is running the computer portion of tab. I would like to lay all obscurity to rest by extolling as many of the fine virtues of John Holland as I can. The following resume contains only things about John that are either true or functionally true.

    He has tabbed at least 2 other previous permutations of the Emory tournament.

    The only hitherto discovered negative evidence that he is not a Goblin is positive evidence that he is a computer.

    He is a senior majoring in computer science.

    He is skilled in the best game ever invented. I speak, obviously, of Magic the Gathering.

    This is John’s 9th year of policy debate.

    He is a warm caring person, under his harsh nerd exterior and flaming blond beard.

    He will probably be attending GA tech for a masters after this year and consequently would be able to run the computer for a few more years.

    He is a member of Emory’s StarCraft team.

    He wears shorts even in like 20-degree weather. I mean, like, come on.

    He has been worked out three times per day for the past three months to get the refined physique that you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this weekend.

    He is very adept at manipulating the TRPC, He has had oodles of practice

    He is somewhere between 3’10 and 4’1.

    He has no personal knowledge or interest in the special welfare of any individual debater. The only judges he knows are the ones that sometimes yell at him for pairing rounds correctly. He is thus biased towards no school or set of debaters in selection process.

    He thinks utilitarianism is correct, for some reason.

    Every time I was told to investigate a specific judge prefed for a debate on the basis of possible shenanigans, that judge was a 1 for the complainer.

    He has won at least one debate round on the merits of Aliens being good.

    John loves to be addressed by his preferred nickname “Johnaconda”

    I expect that this has clarified all major conceptual vagaries surrounding John Holland. If you have any questions regarding his tabbing skill, physical attractiveness (9.25/10, if you ask me), or any other irrelevant detail of his life that I can make up, do not hesitate to comment here or email me at msigalo@emory.edu.

  • Anon

    What happened to Carlton Bone?

    • TheBerkeleyBear


      • Anon

        But seriously…

        • TheBerkeleyBear

          Gotta respect that privacy, anon

        • Anon

          I wasn’t really asking for specifics, just a general explanation (he was sick or fell into a pool of acid). It seems like he dropped off the face of the Earth after last year.

          • He got in one little fight and his mom got scared, so she sent him to live with his auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.

  • Five people got bids at Ohio Valley, there should be only four I think

    • BenjaminKoh

      Jack Patton from Vestavia got a ghost bid.

      • Anon

        What is a ghost bid?

        • “GHOST BIDS: If two entries from the same school meet in the round prior to that for which a TOC qualifying leg is awarded, the team which is not advanced will receive a “ghost bid.” For example, if a tournament is a quarters level qualifier, debaters who are walked over in the octo-final debate, would receive a ghost bid. The team receiving the ghost bid need not have won a prior elimination round.”

  • People like Benjamin Koh really make the community better. Thanks for contributing so much

  • anon

    How’d 5 people bid at a semi’s bid (Princeton)? I think Danny dropped in the bid round.

    • BenjaminKoh

      It occurs when i put the results in wrong: my bad

  • Yang Yi

    Minus James’ bid at Alta this weekend (congrats!) I think its great that Sam Matthews singlehandedly propelled Kent Denver onto the list

    • Anonie

      Including Yang’s bids at Yale, Apple Valley, and Princeton this year (congrats!) I think it is equally great that Yang Yi singlehandedly propelled Millburn onto the list…oh wait

    • James Callison

      One t in Mathews bud

  • anon321

    Can someone add grade numbers on this list

    • anon321

      this would actually be really cool and helpful

      • BenjaminKoh

        I can try to. I don’t know the grade years for everybody, I’ll add the one’s I know in the upcoming days.

  • tillman has two bids

    • Uhh…Tillman definitely has 3 bids. Won UT and Grapevine and Semis at St. Marks. That is 3

  • Michael Harris from Marcus is on there twice

    • BenjaminKoh


      • Shai Szulanski and Jessica Levy are also listed twice

        • BenjaminKoh


          • Cypher19

            Who downvotes this shit?
            inb4 lifer at law

  • Cypher19

    TOC bids? Bitch, this is NFL points town