Addison, TX–Congratulations to La Jolla’s Ram Prasad, who defeated Harrison’s Danny DeBois on a 2-1 decision (*Jared Woods, Jenn Melin, Chad Henson) to win this year’s edition of the Greenhill Round Robin! Ram is coached by Jeff Liu and Tom Evnen. Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig and Henry Zhang.

The following was the field for the tournament, previously released by Aaron Timmons.

1. Harrison – Danny DeBois (13-1)
2. Westwood – Akhil Gandra (9-5)
Grapevine – Alexander Yoakum
Greenhill School – Mitali Mathur
Isidore Newman – Matthew Meyer
Northland Christian – Shania Hunt
The Harker School – Pranav Reddy
PV Peninsula – Arjun Tambe

1. La Jolla – Ram Prasad (12-2)
2. Palo Alto – Travis Chen (10-4)
Clements – Rebecca Gelfer
Greenhill School – Varad Agarwala
Harvard Westlake – Annie Kors
Lexington – Preetham Chippada
Northland Christian – Davis LaBarre
Hockaday School – Chloe Naguib

1. Danny DeBois
2. Ram Prasad
3. Annie Kors