Bid List: Loyola, Wake Forest, Grapevine

Welcome back. Due to popular demand last year, I’ll try to record graduating years along with the debaters. If I’m missing your year (or the year of someone you know), please let me know. -ben K


1 Bid

Jamie Hintson- Wren (Wake Forest)

Logan Parke- Pinecrest (Wake Forest)

Anne-Marie Hwang- Hockaday (Grapevine)

Chloe Naguib’14 Hockaday (Grapevine)

Davis Labarre ’15 Northland Christian (Grapevine)

Drew Burd’16 Westlake (Grapevine)

Akhil Gandra’15 Westwood (Grapevine)

Akhil Jalan’15- PV Peninsula (Loyola)

Jackson Lallas’15 Brentwood (Loyola)


Automatic Qualifiers

Carlton Bone ’14 Carlbrook

Danny DeBois’ 14-Harrison

Ram Prasad’14- La Jolla

Jim Huang ’14 New Orleans Jesuit

Adam Tomasi ’15 Sacred Heart

Leah Shapiro ‘14-St. Louis Park



1) Hockaday- 2 (Chloe Naguib, Anne-Marie Hwang)


6 People are Qualified to the 2014 TOC