California Round Robin Co-Champs: Brennan Carruthers & Sam Mathews

Walnut Creek, CA- Congratulations to Kent Denver’s Sam Mathews and La Costa Canyon’s Brennan Carruthers (aka Round Rock BL) on Co-Champions of the California Round Robin. There will be a demonstration debate tonight at College Preparatory School in front of a panel of experts on the topic. Sam Mathews is coached by Kurt MacDonald. Brennan is coached by Srikar Pyda, Salim Damerdji, Shayne Walton, Fritz Pielstick, Cameron Baghai, and Paras Kumar.

Rounds 1-4 are side locked.

Round 1

Rehabilitation Pod
HW BG v. Kent Denver SM (Pielstick, Werner)
Loyola CK v. Meadows EH (Pielstick, Werner)
Round Rock BL v. Wenatchee CS (Clancy, Scoggin)

Retribution Pod
Loyola MH vs. Northland SH (Marshall, Zerbib-Berda)
Brentwood AG v. CPS CL (Placido, Gravely)
HW JE vs. Lake Highland TL (Scoggin, Clancy)

Round 2

Rehabilitation Pod
Wenatchee CS v. HW BG (Gravely, Phillips)
Kent Denver SM v. Loyola CK (Marshall, Zerbib-Berda)
Meadows EH v. Round Rock BL (Hamilton, Werner)

Retribution Pod
Northland Christian SH v. Brentwood AG (Clancy, Marshall)
CPS CL V. HW JE (Placido, Werner)
Lake HIghland TL v. Loyola MH (Phillips, Pielstick)

Round 3
Rehabilitation Pod
Round Rock BL v. Kent Denver SM (Placido, Hamilton)
HW BG v. Loyola CK (Hamilton, Gravely)
Wenatchee CS v. Meadows EH (Marshall, Scoggin)

Retribution Pod
Loyola MH v. CPS CL (Marshall, Pielstick)
Brentwood AG v. HW JE (Clancy, Phillips)
Northland SH v. Lake Highland TL (Pielstick, Zerbib-Berda)

Round 4
Rehabilitation Pod
Meadows EH v. HW BG (Clancy, Scoggin)
Kent Denver SM v. Wenatchee CS (Placido, Hamilton)
Loyola CK v. Round Rock BL (Gravely, Phillips)

Retribution Pod
Lake Highland TL v. Brentwood AG (Werner, Zerbib-Berda)
CPS CL v. Northland SH (Hamilton, Zerbib-Berda)
Loyola MH v. HW JE (Phillips, Werner)

Kent Denver SM def. CPS CL (Placido, Marshall, Graveley)
Round Rock BL def. Lake Highland TL (Scoggin, *Werner, Zerbib-Berda)

  • DREAMS DO COME TRUE. <3 <3 <3 BRENNAN <3 <3 <3

  • Who the crap is Round Rock BL???

  • Two members of #justicelab in one round robin. Excellent.

    Also, the Cal RR was really awesome. I strongly recommend it for anyone who gets invited.

  • Guest

    I think that Cal made a big mistake in not taking more local kids… especially those who have beaten many of the members of the RR. Kids like Haziq Siddiqi, Jon Uesato, Srikar Pyda, Pranav Reddy, and Salim Damerdji are all people who have significantly showed prowess at tournaments and yet were not invited. Quite disappointing.

    • It’s a round robin. Calm down.

      • Yeah honestly the original post is pretty melodramatic. lol at whoever says “prowess” and “quite disappointing” on the same line. But I do share the lesser sentiment that there should be some moderate degree of preference given to local kids. Pranav and Haziq easily seem like they could compete at this RR, so I’m uncertain as to why they shouldn’t be considering how local they are.

    • Rebar Niemi