Chetan Hertzig Announces Six Rounds of Spring Round Robin Pods


Harrison, NY–The Six Rounds of Spring Round Robin will be held April 20. Chetan Hertzig, Director of Debate at Harrison HS, writes:

Debaters were ranked according to the mean of the rankings they received; the mode was used as a tie-breaker where two debaters had the same mean score.

In keeping with our spring theme, the pods will be named April and May.

The students in each pod will be (in alphabetical order):

April Pod:

Byram Hills JA – Josh Altman
Collegiate NE – Nathan Ewing-Crystal
Fordham DJ – David Joannides
Harrison DD – Danny DeBois
Livingston JX – Jessica Xu
Monticello PC – Peter Chocolate
Timothy Christian AM – Andrew Meleta

May Pod:

Bronx BA – Ben Adegbite
Collegiate AO – Andrew O’Donohue
Harrison PG – Patty-Jane Geller
Millburn YY – Yang Yi
Monticello LS – Lucas Smith
Newark Science CQ – Christian Quiroz
Stuyvesant SH – Samantha Hom