FEDERAL WAY, WA—Congratulations to Wenatchee’s Colton Smith on winning the title of the Federal Way Invitational, having defeated Kamiak’s Jamis Barcott in the final round. The tournament is a finals bid to the TOC.

Colton is coached by Dave Carlson and Steven Adler; Jamis is coached by Steve Helman and Michael Fitzgerald.

Complete results:

Quarterfinal Round Results:
Wenatchee CS (Aff) defeated VHE JZ 3-0 (Howard, Richards, East)
Kamiak JB (Neg) defeated Gig Harbor NP 3-0 (Srinivas, Mercer, Choi)
Sammamish EK (Neg) defeated Eastside Catholic MA 2-1 (Hudgens, Fitzgerald, *Kassler)
Snohomish SC (Aff) defeated Snohomish AS 2-1 (Leibfried, *Kim, Gans)

Semifinal Round Results
Wenatchee CS (Aff) defeated Snohomish SC (Shannon Carroll) 3-0 (Srinivas, Ong, Leibfried)
Kamiak JB (Neg) defeated Sammamish EK (Ella Kuzmenko) 2-1 (Gans, *Howard, Choi)

Final Round Results
Wenatchee CS (Neg) defeated Kamiak JB (Jamis Barcott) 2-1 (Ong, Howard, *Choi)

Results packet can be found here.