Dan Meyers and Tim Case Release Pods and Alternative Format for 2013 Voices Round Robin






Dan Meyers and Tim Case have announced the 2013 Voices Round Robin. It will take place before the Voices Invitational at Presentation High School next week.


All –

Some additional Round Robin information for you. Thank you to everyone for the quick turnaround on the surveys and rankings.

Round Robin Format: On a very close decision, we will use the alternate speech/time format in all rounds for the RR. Here is the description from the prior email: The speech time format will be as follows: 6(1AC) – 7(1NC) – 5(2AC) – 7(2NC) – 4(1AR) – 4(1NR) – 3(2AR). Each debater will have 8 minutes of flex-prep to use as they see fit. We hope this format will aid in an exploration of side-bias and speech burdens for each debater. We leave it to you to experiment with exactly what that all looks like.

That means the schedule will look like this: Friday Round 1 – 2:00p Round 2 – 3:30p Round 3 – 5:00p Dinner Round 4 – 7:00p Saturday Round 5 – 8:00a

We will, of course, have two pods. Here’s the breakdown of the pods:

Presentation Pod – La Jolla RP / Loyola CK / Lynbrook DW / Sacred Heart AT / The Meadows School SM / West Des Moines JS

Voices Pod – College Prep CL / Harvard Westlake AK / Palo Alto TC / Peninsula AT / Presentation SK / The Harker School SP

If you have any questions about the format, schedule, or pods (or anything else, really) feel free to ask!

See you all on Friday,


The Voices Foundation was established by a student-coach in an effort to make high school debate accessible to all students, regardless of financial circumstance. The Foundation strives to address shortfalls of resources and support that impede participation by financially disadvantaged individuals and teams through educational programs, outreach efforts to high schools and middle schools trying to start teams, and scholarships for summer camp, tournaments, and coaching.