Ed Hendrickson Crowned King Round Robin Champion

The 3rd Annual King Lincoln-Douglas Round Robin was held this weekend at Northland Christian School in Houston, TX. This Round Robin is named in honor of Kandi King, recently retired as the Director of Forensics at Winston Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas. She has been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame and currently serves on the NFL Board of Directors.

Special thanks to Courtney Nunley for providing results!

Johnanthan Acevado- Strake Jesuit, TX
Brennan Langer – Round Rock, TX
Akhil Gandra – Westwood, TX
Matt Gmitro – Flower Mound, TX
Ed Hendrickson – Meadows, NV
Shania Hunt – Northland Christian, TX
Davis LaBarre – Northland Christian, TX
Charlotte Lawrence – College Prep, CA
John Lewis – Kinkaid, TX
Pranav Reddy – Harker, CA
Allie Woodhouse – Winston Churchill, TX
Yang Yi – Milburn, NJ

Partial Quarters Results

Meadows EH (Neg) defeated Milburn YY (Aff) [Clancy, *Castillo, J. Roberts] 2-1
Harker PR (Aff) defeated Flower Mound MG (Neg) [*Wynn, Emerson, Murray] 2-1
Northland Christian DL byes to Semis
Round Rock BL byes to Semis

Semis Results
Meadows EH (Neg) defeated Northland Christian DL (Aff) [Emerson, Clancy, Murray] 3-0
Harker PR (Aff) defeated Round Rock BL (Neg) [*Castillo, Dillard, Phillips] 2-1

Finals Results
Meadows EH (Neg) defeated Harker PR (Aff) [J. Roberts, Clancy, Wynn, Murray, Combined Student Vote (9-0)] 5-0

Ed is coached by Scott Phillips and Tim Alderete. Pranav is coached by Ryan Fink and Greg Achten.