Hockaday to host second annual Women’s Round Robin

The Hockaday Debate Team is pleased to announce that it will once again be hosting the Hockaday Round Robin.  Last year, Hockaday reinstated this tradition, and given the overwhelming positive response we received, we are thrilled to return for the second year. The event will be held at the The Hockaday School on April 13th and 14th, 2013.


This Round Robin intends to offer participants a competitive and rewarding debate experience. Last year we were fortunate enough to attract a fantastic group of young ladies; we’d like to thank Sammi Cannold, Christine Chen, Michelle Choi, Mollie Cowger, Naila Dharani, Stephanie Franklin, Rebecca Kuang, Savannah Kumar, Annie Kors, Elana Leone, Jessica Levy, Juliet Nelson, Sarah Sachs, Leah Shapiro, Kathy Qiu, and Annie Zhu for participating in our inaugural event and for their continued support of women in debate.  As former participants, you are all welcome to come back in either a competitive or judging role.


Hockaday is committed to supporting girls’ education, and this continues to be the driving force behind our event. Yet what makes the Hockaday Round Robin unique is its supportive and collaborative atmosphere. We will strive to facilitate thought-provoking dialogue about what it means to be a female debater, and on a larger scale, an empowered female. We also hope our participants will leave with a network of support and camaraderie that continues far beyond the Round Robin. Says one past Round Robin participant: “The competition was wonderful TOC preparation. However, more importantly, the strides this tournament took to develop a community of top-tier women in debate were phenomenal and much appreciated.”  The discussions and relationships that formed out of last year’s Round Robin have inspired and invigorated us to continue the event far more than any win or trophy ever could.


For this year’s Round Robin, we are once again recognizing students who have been successful on the national circuit. All female Lincoln-Douglas debaters who have earned a bid to the Tournament of Champions are invited to participate. Since this experience can also serve as preparation for the TOC, we will be using the January-February topic. The schedule will be planned with sufficient time allotted for discussions about issues important to our community, as well as for feedback from our experienced and education-oriented judges. If you earn a TOC bid at any tournament through March, you will receive an invitation. If you do not receive an invitation and would like to participate, please contact Eric Melin at emelin@hockaday.org or emelin@mail.hockaday.org. We are in the process of transitioning email services at the school, but either email address should work for now.


Last year’s event was so impactful because of the group of quality education-oriented critics that attended and lent their support. Attracting female adjudicators is still a goal of ours however it is most important that the event include supportive adults regardless of their gender.  We’d like to extend an invitation to any of last year’s judges who’d like to join us again; we’d also like to welcome any new faces who are committed to the goals of the Round Robin. If you are interested in participating or would like more information regarding judging this event, please contact Eric Melin at one of the above email address.  Prompt expression of interest is appreciated so that we may have adequate time to arrange any travel and/or accommodations you may need.


As members of the Hockaday community, we routinely witness the transformative power of an all-girl’s learning environment. We are most excited to share that experience with both our Hockaday students and other girls from the community.



Eric Melin, Jason Sykes, Catherine Tarsney, Jennifer Melin, and The Hockaday Debate Team