Jake Steirn Wins the 2013 Valley Sophomore Throw-Down

Des Moines, Iowa- Jake Steirn of Cypress Bay defeated Neal Kapoor of Lake Highland to win the 2013 Valley Sophomore Throw-Down. (Castillo, Meyer, Robertson, Yocom, Student Vote). Jake is coached by Megan West, Grant Reiter, Martin Sigalow, Robbie Steirn, Tim West, and Ben Miller. Neal is coached by George Clemens, Martin Sigalow, Bryan Wilder, Michelle Jiang, and Terrence Lonam.



Cypress Bay JS def. Bronx Science OK (Oliver Korten) (Ditzian, Theis, Yocom)

Lake Highland NK def. Univeristy JR (Jacob Ronkin) (Legried, Maude, *Meyer)


Full Field

Jonathan Beavers, St. Thomas HS (TX)

Jackie Chu, WDM Valley

Dino De La O, Law Magnet HS

Claire Hoffa, Apple Valley

Carson Horky, Brentwood

Xinlan Emily Hu, duPont Manual

Samantha Koreman, University School

Oliver Korten, Bronx Science

Neal Kapoor, Lake Highland

Nathan Lam, San Marino

Rock Morille, Strake Jesuit

James Naumovski, Los Altos HS

Sreya Pinnamaneni, Lake Highland

Jacob Ronkin, University School

Jake Steirn, Cypress Bay HS

Devon Turner, Brentwood

Trent Gilbert, Valley High School

Gage Whitehead, Strake Jesuit

Full results will be posted once released.

  • Guest

    When will full results be posted?

  • tlonam

    Congrats to Neal Kapoor who is starting off his varsity career off with a bang! Also, congrats to Sreya Pinnamaneni for finishing second in her pod and fifth overall! Y’all and the rest of the Lake Highland underclassmen are proving just how bright the future will be!

    Congrats to Jake on the win and Oliver on the semifinal finish (#doubledeepweb)!

    • Martin Sigalow

      I’ll go for a PIC out of Y’all. I love you guys (Jake included, obviously)!!!

      • Martin Sigalow

        Also, Fred doesn’t coach LHP. He judges for us sometimes