William Meyer Wins the Liberty Bell Classic

Philadelphia, PA–Congratulations to NFA’s Victor Bramble and Princeton’s William Meyer for advancing to the final round of this year’s Liberty Bell Classic. On a 4-1 decision, William prevailed to win the tournament! Congratulations to both debaters.
William is coached by Jack Bathke and Renee Szporn. Victor is coached by Sheryl Kaczmarek.

Results are also posted here: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/updates/index.mhtml?tourn_id=1714


NFA VB over NFA JH (John Hordines)

Monticello PC def. Milburn CL (Christopher Li) 3-0 (Nag, Kole, Pressley)

Lexington JF def. Princeton DE (Daniel Edelberg) 3-0 (Larin, Rohde, Kirwan)

Benjamin N Cardozo JoWo def. Half Hollow Hills SH (Shantanu Havaldar) 3-0 (Dheri, Marble, Rohde)

Princeton WM def. Harriton JF (Jared Fenton) 2-1 (Dheri, Marble, *Martucci)

NFA NV def. Lake Mary Prep CS (Casey Smith) 2-1 (*Theis, Dusaj, Bendi)

Monticello DT def. Half Hollow Hills AW (Akash Wasil) 2-1 (Theis, Dusaj, *Dunn)

Benjamin N Cardozo SC def. Unionville EJ (Edward Jing) 3-0 (Bathke, Elizondo, Houston)


Lexington JF def. Benjamin N Cardozo JoWo (Jonathan Wong) 3-0 (Hua, Theis, Houston)

Monticello DT def. Benjamin N Cardozo SC (Sijin Choi) 2-1 (Dheri, *Martucci, Kole)

Princeton WM def. Monticello PC (Peter Chocolate) 3-0 (Rohde, Zimmermann, Dusaj)

NFA VB over NFA NV (Nico Valeri)


NFA VB def. Monticello DT (Dustin Thomas) 2-1 (*Theis,Dusaj, Bathke)

Princeton WM def. Lexington JF (Jamie Fonarev) 3-0 (Parthasarthy, Marble, Dheri)


Princeton WM def. NFA VB (Victor Bramble) 4-1 (Nag, Theis, Houston, *Wissmann, Dusaj)


Princeton WM (William Meyer)