Megan Nubel wins Omaha Westside

Megan Nubel of of West Des Moines Valley is the champion of the 2013 edition of the Omaha Westside Warrior invitational. Megan defeated Sarah DiMagno of Lincoln (NE) High School. Megan is coached by Dave McGinnis, Sophie Ruff and Alex Kramer.

Full results:


WDM Valley MN advances without debating

DM Roosevelt EW defeats Lincoln North Star JS (Jackson Slechta)

Millard North CB defeats Lincoln Southwest MH (Makayla Haussler)

Okoboji JA defeats Hopkins MB (Mia Berman)

WDM Valley CT advances over WDM Valley PC (Phani Chevuru)

St. Louis Park DC defeats WDM Valley LK (Lucy Korsakov)

WDM Valley NL defeats Hopkins SG (Sam Greenwald)

Lincoln SD defeats Valor Christian AW (Andrew Wixson)


WDM Valley NL defeats St. Louis Park DC (Dana Councilman)

Lincoln SD defeats WDM Valley CT (Colin Timmerman)

Okoboji JA defeats DM Roosevelt EW (Emma Weddle)

Megan Nubel defeats Millard North CB (Connor Brown)


WDM Valley MN advances over WDM Valley NL (Nanticha Lutt)

Lincoln SD defeats Okoboji JA (Jack Ave)


WDM Valley MN defeats Lincoln SD (Sarah DiMagno)


WDM Valley MN (Megan Nubel)




  • Congratulations to all. In particular, my applause goes out to Sarah, glad to see all the hard work at TDC paid off

  • Mark Gorthey

    And of course, a massive congrats to the love of my life, Megan for being the midwestern superstar of debate and my heart <3

  • Congrats to Valley to an amazing performance this weekend! Shout out to SLP’s only representative, Dana Councilman for an awesome tournament along with Hopkins, Connor Brown from Millard North, and the fantastic Emma Weddle from Des Moines Roosevelt who represents the minority (in round and outside of round xD). Lots of talent in Nebraska this weekend!

    • But especially, shout out to you Jack. You’re always complementing and bringing attention to other people, even after your round, and it’s really impressive.

      • Thanks man, but you guys deserve it. It takes hard work to achieve this much and it’s super impressive to see so many awesome debaters. You guys need the recognition too xD

  • Kanye West

    Imma let you finish, but Jack deserved the bid.

    • anon94


    • Mark Gorthey

      I know you probably think you’re really clever, but that’s really belittling to Sarah and the great performance she gave this weekend, regardless of whether or not Jack deserved a bid.

      • I agree. Like, it’s flattering, but I don’t want to undermine Sarah’s performance. She is a good debater who represents that small/non-circuity programs like Okoboji and I am happy she was able to bid.

        • anon94

          Big Schools are bad

          • Not really. It’s just good to see diversity on the bid list, especially from the state of Nebraska, who, as far as I know, didn’t have a bid in LD there until this weekend.

    • Thanks a lot, but Sarah won the ballots. She did an awesome job this weekend and deserves the bid just as much as anyone.

  • Jack Ave is coached by his friends and Josiah Bartlett.

  • Sarah DiMagno is coached by Brian Goodbrake, Alex Claussen, and Derrick Stevens.