Laith Shakir is 2013 NFL LD Champion

Birmingham, AL –


Laith Shakir (neg) def. Richard Shmikler on a 5-4 decision
(Boyd, Traas, Watkins, Rye, Mishra, Herrera*, Pellicciotta*, Toftey*, Brund?*)

You can watch the live stream tomorrow (06/21/13) at 2:30 P.M CT at the following link:

Lincoln-Douglas “Semifinalists” (Places 7-14)
14. Foster DL (Donovan Lemaster)
13. Regis PM (Peter McGahren)
12. Falmouth ES (Emma Sapat)
11. Pine View LG (Leonard Giarrano)
10. Claremont JH (Joe Hurley) *auto qualifier for 2014 NFL National Tournament*
9. Elk Lake AC (Austin Cohen)
8. Brophy Prep SR (Samir Reddy)
7. Kamiak JB (Jamis Barcott)

Finalists (Places 1-6) to be announced tonight.
6. Bartlesville LZ (Lawrence Zhou)
5. Brainerd MP (Miriam Pritchet)
4. Coronado MR (Miranda Rosen)
3. Robbinsdale Cooper CS (Celisia Antonia Stanton)
2. St. Louis Park RS (Richard Shmikler)
1. Leland LS (Laith Shakir)

UPDATE: Results from Finals are in.  A spreadsheet has been created to organize the results from the tournament. It is embedded below.  You can also follow the link to view the page in a new tab.

***If anyone has results from outrounds, either leave a comment in the comment section or send an email to Hunter Harwood at  If you could include both the name of the debater and their corresponding code, as well as the ballot count (3-0, 2-1, etc), it would be much appreciated.***