Nikhil Nandu wins FFL State

The Florida Forensic League varsity state tournament was held at Wharton High School on March 1-2. In the final round, Lake Highland’s Nikhil Nandu defeated The University School’s Brandon Hopen on a 2-1 decision.

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Nikhil is coached by George Clemens, Martin Sigalow, Bryan Wilder and Michelle Jiang.

Brandon is coached by Steve Schappaugh, Tom Evnen, Becca Traber, Ross brown, ernie Rose, Josh Tupler, Josh Sherman, and Bradley Hicks.

Full results:


University BH defeats Columbus AB (Alexander Bornote)

Trinity Prep SD defeats Fort Lauderdale ES (Ethan Singer)

Columbus CL defeats La Salle MT (Marianna Troia)

University SJ defeats Trinity Prep AR (Arvind Raju)

University DB over University JR (Jacob Ronkin)

Lake Highland MC defeats Fort Lauderdale TT (Troy Thisler)

Lake Highland NN defeats Stoneman JG (Jeffrey Greenberg)

Timber Creek XO defeats Cypress Bay RS (Robert Steirn)


University BH defeats Trinity SD (Sebastian De Armas)

University SJ defeats Columbus CL (Christian Llop)

University DB defeats Lake Highland MC (Michael Corder)

Lake Highland NN defeats Timber Creek XO (Xavier Ortega)


Lake Highland NN defeats University DB (David Branse)

University BH over University SJ (Saahil Jain)


Lake Highland NN defeats University BH (Brandon Hopen)


Lake Highland NN (Nikhil Nandu)