Shelby Heitner Wins the 2013 Alta Silver and Black Invitational


Utah, USA- Congratulations to Harvard-Westlake’s Shelby Heitner for defeating Lynbrook’s Dhruv Walia to win the 2013 Alta Silve and Black Invitational. Shelby is coached by Mike Bietz, Daniel Tartakovsky, Sean Nadel, and Nate Zerbib-Berda. Dhruv is coached by Todd Newkirk and Michael Harris.


Partial Doubles

Meadows MS Advances w/out debating

Immaculate Heart KH Advances without debating

Skyview EC Advances without debating

Miramonte AB Advances without debating

Loyola MG def. Meadows KB (Kathy Bond) (Torson, MAmestoy, Nadel)

Loyola CP def. Meadows SM (Sabina Manzini) (*Nadel, Torson, MAmestoy)

HW SH def. Rowland Hall JC (Joshua Cole) (Wanless, Veeder, Carter)

HW NS def. Logan CS (Calen Smith) (Veeder, Carter, Wanless)

Logan DW def. Mission San Jose SS (Shivane Sabharwal) (Letak, Butterfield, Newkirk)

Mission San Jose AB def. Immaculate Heart LM (Louisa Melcher) (Newkirk, Butterfield, *Letak)

Bingham TP def. George Washington DL (David Lind) (*Alderete, Knell, Munoz)

Lynbrook DW vs. FSHA MC (Madeline Collins) (Babb, Alderete, Weiner)

Palo Alto AM def. Coronado KW (Kristi Weeks) (TAmestoy, Babb, Bietz)

HW CC def. Miramonte TK (Tom Kadie) (Smith, Placido, Knell)

Immac AS def. Marlborough AG (Annie Gersh) (Doty, Meyers, Placido)

Presentation SK def. George Washington EO (Ekaterina Olson-Shipyats) (Doty, Roberts, *Middleton)



Miramonte AB def. Bingham TP (Thomas Phung) (TAmestoy, Dailey, Munoz)

HW SH def. Immaculate Heart AS (Ariel Shin) (Veeder, Carter, *Smith)

Lynbrook DW def. Meadows MS (Melanie Shackleford) (Babb, Janish, *Bietz)

Presentation SK def. Skyview EC (Elise Clark) (Knell, Alderete, *Butterfield)

HW CC def Loyola MG (McKay Giller) (Letak, Morris, *Willoughby)

HW NS def. Palo Alto AM (Anant Marur) (Placido, Doty, Schoell)

Mission San Jose AB def. Logan DW (Dylan Wooton) (MAmestoy, *Newkirk, Hellebuick)

Immaculate Heart KH def. Loyola CP (Christian Paz) (Torson, Wanless, Weiner)



Lynbrook DW def. Mission San Jose AB (Anand Balaji) (Nadel, Babb, *Roberts)

HW NS def. Presentation SK (Sanika Kulkarni) (Torson, Carter, *Janisch)

HW CC def. Miramonte AB (Andrew Bower) (Willoughby, Hellebuick, *Meyers)

HW SH def. Immaculate Heart KH (Katie Hughes) (Newkirk, Letak, *Placido)



Lynbrook DW def. HW CC (Cameron Cohen) (MAmestoy, Hellebuick, *Placido)

HW SH over HW NS (Nick Steele)



HW SH def. Lynbrook DW (Dhruv Walia) (Placido, MAmestoy, Hellebuick)



1) Kristi Weeks- Coronado

2) Katie Hughes- Immaculate Heart

3) Ariel Shin- Immaculate Heart

4) Andrew Bower- Miramonte

5) McKay Giller- Loyola

6) Tom Kadie- Miramonte

7) Thomas Phung- Bingham

8) Christian Paz- Loyola

9) Ekaterina Olson- Shipyats – George Washington

10) Dhruv Walia- Lynbrook

11) Shelby Heitner- Harvard- Westlake

12) William Gingold- Harvard-WEstlake

13) Madeline Collins- FSHA

14) Sanika Kulkarni- Presentation

15) Peter Johnson- Hillcrest

16) Sabina Manzini- Meadows

17) David Lind- George Washington

18) Brandon Elwell- Murray

19) Meagan Tran- Desert Vista

20) Melanie Shackleford- Meadows


  • Johnny Boy

    Wat is debate

  • Doggy

    I don’t usually post on this site, but I would like to give a major shoutout to Anand Balaji for getting his first bid. I have seen him work tremendously hard from freshman year to get to this point, competing in multiple bid rounds. Also, he is incredibly kind and just a great guy to be around. Congratulations Anand for your first bid (also as a junior)!

    (Also, the OG SORCERERBALLERS aren’t done yet).

    • Dhruv Walia

      Y’all should have seen his bid dance

  • akdio


    • Guest

      Not if my boy Shivane from Mission San Jose has anything to say about it. 3-0