Danny DeBois Wins the 2013 Minneapple; Lake Highland and Valley win JV and novice titles

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Congratulations to Harrison’s Danny Debois for defeating La Jolla’s Ram Prasad (Holguin, McClung, Stuttgen).  Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig and Henry Zhang. Ram is coached by Jeff Liu, Tom Evnen, and Zack Parker.

Congratulations also go out to Lake Highland Prep’s Navya Potthamsetty, who defeated Prince Hyeamang of Apple Valley for the JV division championship. Navya is coached by George Clemens, Martin Sigalow, Bryan Wilder, Fred Ditzian, and Terrence Lonam. Prince is coached by Chris Theis and Colin Goodson.

Finally, props to Valley High School’s Brian Gu, who won the novice championship in a final-round face-off against Kiley Eichelberger of Chanhassen High School. Brian is coached by Dave McGinnis, Alex Kramer, Adam Hoffman and Lucy Korsakov. Monica is coached by Zach Prax.

Full varsity results follow the finalist photos.

Navya and Prince 2

Prince Hyeamang (left) of Apple Valley placed second in JVLD to  Navya Potthamsetty of Lake Highland Prep.

Minneapple NLD Finalist Photo

Brian Gu (left) of Valley High School defeated Kiley Eichelberger of Chanhassen HS to win the NLD division.


Varsity Doubles

Loyola MG def. Trinity Prep MP (Matthew Pregasen) (Zhang, *Horowitz, Woods)

Woodlands AC def. Strake JS (John Sasso) (Rutter, Eastlund, Ave)

Lake Highland SA def. St. Thomas SD (Sean Doherty-Powell) (Tripathy, *Rankin, Agrawal)

Hopkins CK def. Robbinsdale AU (Andrew Urevig) (Stuttgen, Ahlstrom, Magyar)

La Jolla RP def. Walt Whitman SP (Sophie Palim) (Shmikler, Scoggin, Lonam)

Walt Whitman JL def. Harrison AG (Korsakov, Melin, *Le)

Greenhill VA def. Lakeville South DA (Dylan Adelman) (Hertzig, Nelson, Nunley)

SLP LS def. Katy Taylor JY (Jason Yang) (Holguin, Woodhouse, Kramer)

Harrison DD def. Evanston EW (Eric Weine) (McClung, Parthasarthy, Crist)

Northland SH def. SLP DC (Dana Councilman) (*Chen, Noble, Keohane)

WDM Valley JS def. Isidore Newman MM (Matthew Meyer) (Evnen, McElwain, Lamothe)

Greenhill BE def. Strake J (J Stuckert) (Hendrickson, *Beane, Legried)

Scarsdale RG def. Northland DL (Davis Labarre) (Castillo, *Harris, Cox)

Katy Taylor NY def. Loyola CK (Chris  Kymn) (Meyers, *Yi, Kuang)

Strake AT def. WDM Valley GS (Gina Scorpiniti)(Baker, *Hom, Tierney)

Walt Whitman DM def. Des Moines Roosevelt EW (Emma Weddle) (Lawrence, *Ditzian, Traub)



Harrison DD def. Hopkins CK (Claire Kueffner) (McClung, Korsakokv, Stuttgen)

Loyola MG def. Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert) (Woods, Rutter, Horowitz)

WDM Valley JS def. Greenhill VA (Varad Agarwala) (McElwain, Zhang, *Baker)

SLP LS def. Scarsdale RG (Rahul Gosain) (Ditzian, Lonam, Noble)

Walt Whitman JL def. Northland SH (Shania Hunt) (Woodhouse, Castillo, *Scoggin)

La Jolla RP def. Woodlands AC (Abigail Chapman) (Yi, Tierney, Harris)

Strake AT def. Walt Whitman DM (Daisy Massey) (Chen, Holguin, *Hom)

Katy Taylor NY def. Lake Highland SA (Sam Azbel) (Kramer, Tripathy, Lawrence)



Harrison DD def. Loyola MG (McKay Giller) (Woodhouse, Woods, Parthasarathy)

SLP LS def. WDM Valley JS (Jason Smith) (Lonam, Ditzian, Zhang)

La Jolla RP def. Katy Taylor NY (Neel Yerneni) (Tripathy, Tierney, Kramer)

Walt Whitman JL def. Strake AT (Alberto Tohme) (Chen, Lawrence, Holguin)



Harrison DD def. SLP LS (Leah Shapiro) (Keohane, Holguin, Woodhouse)

La Jolla RP def. Walt Whitman JL (Zhang, Korsakov, Hom)



Harrison DD def. La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad) (Stuttgen, Holguin, McClung)



1) Jessica Levy- Walt Whitman

2) Ram Prasad- La Jolla

3) Jason Smith- WDM VAlley

4) McKay Giller- Loyola

5) Leah Shapiro- SLP

6) Danny DeBois- Harrison

7) Chris Kymn- Loyola

8) Daisy Massey- Walt Whitman

9) Alberto Tohme- Strake Jesuit

10) The Azbel- Lake Highland

11) Claire Kueffner- Hopkins

12) J Stuckert- Strake Jesuit

13) John Sasso- Strake Jesuit

14) Rahul Gosain- Scarsdale

15) Dana Councilman- SLP

16) Davis Labarre- Northland Christian

17) Varad Agarwala- Greenhill

18) Shania Hunt- Northland Christian

19) Gina Scorpiniti- WDM VAlley

20) Neel Yerneni (Katy Taylor)