Ram Prasad Wins the 2013 Blake Tournament

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Minneapolis, Minnesota- Congratulations to La Jolla’s Ram Prasad for winning the 2013 John Edie Holiday Tournament at Blake.  Ram defeated Walt Whitman’s Daisy Massey on a 3-0 (Shmikler, Korsakov, Koh) to take the win. Ram is coached by Jeff Liu, Zack Parker, and Tom Evnen. Daisy is coached by Emily Massey, Eric Palmer, Jeremy Dang, and Michael Harris.



Robbinsdale AU def Evanston AC (*Ave, Alderete, Sylvester)

Eastside Catholic TD def Whitman NL (Nick Lorence)  (Stuttgen, Theis, Anderson)

St Thomas CP def. Scarsdale AY (Adam Young) (McClung,Magyar, *Koh)

St Thomas SD def Apple Valley SO (Sophie Ober) (Zhang, Cox, Zhou)

LAMP RR def Scarsdale MB (Michael Bogaty) (Miller, *You, Slinger)

Valley EM def. Whitman SP (Sophie Palim) (Smith, *Shmikler, Holliday)

Meadows MS def Carrboro TP (Tejal Patwardhan) (*Massey, Scoggin, Astacio)

Scarsdale ER def. Annie Wright AV (Anisha Vora) (Brown, Tartakovsky, Harris)

HW NS def. SLP DC (Dana Councilman) (Baker, Hoffman, *Martinez)

Scarsdale DW def. Sioux Falls CM (Caleb Munce) (Kawahara, Laverty, Tripathy)

Eagan RL def. Loyola NR (Nicholas Rogers) (Korsakov, Kramer, *Ahlstrom)

Eagan NG def Valley TG (Trent Gilbert) (Eastlund, Parker, Kelberg)


Doubles: (Panel decisions not fully released)

WDM Valley GS def. Eastside Catholic TD (Tinuola Dada) (You, Vrana, Shmikler)

Whitman DM def. HW NS (Nick Steele) (McClung, Hudgens, Theis)

HW AK def Eagan RL (Ryan Lowder) (Parker, Smith, Holliday)

LAMP RR def. Lakeville South DA (Dylan Adelman) (Zhang, Anderson, Knell)

Hopkins MB over Hopkins CK (Claire Kueffner)

HW CC def. Robbinsdale AU (Andrew Urevig) (Eastlund, Knudtzon, Stuttgen)

Apple Valley PH def. HW WG (William Gingold) (Cox, Sylvester, Alderete)

Eagan NG def. Scarsdale RG(Brown, Laverty, Zhou)

Scarsdale DW def Dowling Catholic CK (Cati Kalinoski) (Kawahara, Hoffman, Ave)

Des Moines Roosevelt EW def.  WDM Valley EM (Evan McKinney) (Harris, Ahlstrom, Kelberg) (3-0- Judges abstained)

Loyola MG def St Thomas CP (Connor Plunkett) (Slinger, Kramer, Baker)

Whitman SC def. Oxbridge NV (Nalin Vattigunta)  (Vora, Miller, Korsakov)

WDM Valley JS defs Meadows MS (Melanie Shackleford) (Plunkett, Massey, Martinez)

SLP LS def. St Thomas SD (Sean Doherty-Powell) (Tripathy, Dunitz, Astacio)

La Jolla RP def. Hopkins SG (Sam Greenwald) (Tartakovsky, Parker, Magyar)



WDM Valley GS over WDM Valley JS (Jason Smith)

La Jolla RP def. Eagan NG (Nurullah Goren) (Scoggin, Massey, Brown)

Des Moines Roosevelt EW def. LAMP RR (Ruchir Rastogi) (Kawahara, *Harris, Tartakovsky)

SLP LS def. Loyola MG (McKay Giller) (Ahlstrom, Kramer, Kelberg)

Whitman DM def Hopkins MB (Mia Berman) (McClung, Theis, Korsakov)

Delbarton RT def. HW CC (Cameron Cohen) (Holliday, Cox, Astacio)

Scarsdale DW def. Apple Valley PH (Prince Hyemang) (Hoffman, Tripathy, *Smith)



La Jolla RP def. WDM Valley GS (Gina Scorpiniti) (Harris, McClung, Stuttgen)

Delbarton RT def. Scarsdale DW (DWAng) (You, Scoggin, *Massey)

SLP LS def. HW AK (Annie Kors) (Cox, Kelberg, Parente)

Whitman DM def. Des Moines Roosevelt EW (Emma Weddle) (*Theis, Tartakovsky, Koh) (0-0)



SLP LS vs. La Jolla RP (Tripathy, Tartakovsky, Kramer*)

Whitman DM vs Delbarton RT (Parente, Koh, Hoffman)



La Jolla RP def. Walt Whitman DM (Daisy Massey) (Koh, Shmikler, Korsakov)

  • Emma Weddle

    Yea. I’m still waiting on my teammate to put the video up. I’m not sure if NSD will want it, though, because it wasn’t a debate, so you can just message me on Facebook or something and whenever I do have the video I’ll give it to you.

    • BenjaminKoh

      I’ll post the video.

  • Emma Weddle

    Evan said that he wanted to have a discussion after I read the 1AC, so we just talked for 26 minutes. We wanted something to make the round get people’s attention for the things that I talk about in round, so I suggested a 2-1. However, after the round, Mark thought that people would just be like, “Oh, well that was closer than I thought it would be”, and to actually be distinct we would have to do something non-standard, so he decided to abstain so it would be a 2-0.

    • UTIL.DB8R

      Why does it say you lost to Daisy on a 0-0? Is this similar to the doubles round?

      • Emma Weddle

        In reality, it was a 2-1. Theis sat.

        But yea. Daisy was being great so she used her 5 minutes of prep for a discussion. Then in round it seemed that we both agreed that we need to raise awareness for things that we do, so I asked Ben to write that she defeated me on a 0-0.

        But seriously, Access Debate is really awesome and important so you should get involved with Daisy’s effort to fundraise.

        • morpheus

          Just curious, why don’t you do something like Access Debate as well, with the positions you’ve been running on each topic?

          • James McElwain

            You realize that it costs like $800 to set up a 501c3, not including the costs to hire a lawyer to help navigate filling for non-profit status? I’m pretty sure Daisy didn’t do all the paperwork herself. She’s pretty lucky to have a dad who is both passionate about debate and has a law degree.

  • Emma Weddle

    S/O to Evan McKinney for being one of the most awesome, genuine kids on the circuit. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do in the next 4 years. We are so lucky as a community to have people like him who know how to separate themselves from all of the drama and prep-outs and recognize that sometimes being yourself and doing what you think is right is more important than the W’s.

    Also S/O to Daisy Massey for seeing problems and deciding to take action by creating Access Debate. I hope everybody spreads the word and helps with fundraising, because debate has such transformative potential and I want us to be able to be supportive enough of each other that everybody is able to get the opportunity to participate in this activity. Daisy handled herself so wonderfully in her rounds against Aaron Clarke, who ran a project position about racism in debate, and me by making arguments that she believes in AND sacrificing her 5 minutes of prep for a discussion.

    So much respect at Blake.

  • Debater

    Ram Prasad takes the best final round pictures of anyone on the circuit.