Ram Prasad Wins the Bronx Round Robin









New York, NY- Congratulations to La Jolla’s Ram Prasad for  winning the 2013 Bronx Round Robin! Ram defeated Harrison’s Danny DeBois in finals on a 4-1 decision (McClung, Koh, Dunay, Cameron, Biel*) to win the round robin. Ram is coached by Jeff Liu, Tom Evnen, and Zack Parker. Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig and Henry Zhang.

Round 1

Tobiko Pod

Walt Whtiman JL splits with NO Jesuit JH (Evnen-> Levy, Struver)

La Jolla RP(Neg)  def. Collegiate AO(Aff)  (Koh, McClung)

WDM Valley JS splits with Bronx DM (Segal-> Massac, Holguin-> Smith)


Ikura Pod

Harrison DD def. Northland SH (Aff) (Nadel, Krell)

HW AK  def. Loyola CK(Aff) (Biel, Hamilton)

Sacred Heart AT def. SLP LS (Aff)  (Gorthey, Elisetty)


Round 2

Tobiko Pod

La Jolla RP def. NO Jesuit JH (Beretay, Holguin)

Walt Whitman JL splits with Bronx DM (Krell-> Levy, Nadel-> Bronx)

WDM Valley JS splits with Collegiate AO (McClung-> Smith, Struver-> O’Donohue)


Ikura Pod

Northland SH splits with Loyola CK (Evnen-> Kymn, Segal-> Hunt)

Harrison DD def. SLP LS (Biel, Elisetty)

HW AK def. Adam Tomasi (Koh, Gorthey)


Round 3

Tobiko Pod

Collegiate AO def. NO Jesuit JH (Segal, Koh)

Walt Whitman splits with WDM Valley JS (Biel-> Smith, Beretay-> Levy)

LA Jolla RP def. Bronx DM (Krell, Gorthey)


Ikura Pod

Northland SH def. HW AK (EVnen, Szulanski)

Harrison DD def. Sacred Heart AT (Dunay, Struver)

SLP LS def. Loyola CK (Holguin, Nadel)


Round 4

Tobiko Pod

Bronx DM vs. NO Jesuit JH (Hamilton, Koh)

Collegiate AO vs Walt Whitman JL (Szulanski, Evnen)

La Jolla RP splits with WDM Valley JS (McClung, Segal)


Ikura Pod

SLP LS vs. Northland SH (Dunay, Struver)

Harrison DD vs. HW AK (Krell, Biel)

Loyola CK splits with Sacred Heart AT (Cameron-> Tomasi, Nadel-> Kymn)


Round 5

Tobiko Pod

NO Jesuit JH def WDM VAlley JS (Gorthey, Koh)

La Jolla RP def Walt Whitman JL (Dunay, Struver)

Collegiate AO def. Bronx DM (Holguin, Evnen)


Ikura Pod

Sacred Heart AT splits with Northland SH (Hamilton, Nadel)

Harrison DD def Loyola CK (Szulanski, McClung)

SLP LS def. HW AK (Krell, Segal)



1) Adam Tomasi – Sacred Heart

2) Danny DeBois – Harrison

3) Jim Huang – New Orleans Jesuit

4) Andrew O’Donohue – Collegiate

5) Annie Kors – Harvrd-Westlake