Jake Steirn Wins the 2013 Capitol Beltway Fall Classic at Walt Whitman

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Bethesda, MD- Congratulations to Cypress Bay’s Jake Steirn for defeating Bronx Science’s Daiya Massac to win the 2013 Walt Whitman Tournament. Jake is coached by  Megan West, Grant Reiter, Martin Sigalow, Robbie Steirn, Tim West, and Ben Miller. Daiya is coached by Jon Cruz, Matt Dunay,  Abhi Elisetty, and Zack Struver.



Lake Highland SA def. LAMP RR (Ruchir Rastogi) 2-1 (Natbony, Reiter, *Emily Massey)

Scarsdale DW def. Parks EP (Emily Portugese) 2-1 (Vora, *Socolof, Koh)

Bronx Science JS def. Heights NG (Ned Gidley) (Millman, Jonathan Massey, Sheehan)

Scarsdale MM over Scarsdale ER (Emerson Riback)

Scarsdale AY over Scarsdale MB (Michael Bogaty)

Bronx CL over Bronx ID (Isis David-Marks)

Bronx DM Advances without debating

Cypress Bay JS Advances without debating



Scarsdale AY over Scarsdale DW (David Wang)

Bronx DM over Bronx CL (Carolyn Lau)

Cypress Bay JS def. Scarsdale MM (Matt Mandel) (Emily Massey, Koh, *Vora)

Lake Highland SA def. Bronx Science JS (John Staunton) (Natbony, Reiter, Millman)



Bronx DM def. Scarsdale AY (Adam Young) (Emily Massey, Koh, *Vora)

Cypress Bay JS over Lake Highland SA (The Azbel) (Travel Conflict)



Cypress Bay JS def. Bronx DM (Daiya Massac) (Emily Massey, Koh, *Millman)



1. Daiya Massac- Bronx Science

2. Jake Steirn- Cypress Bay

3. Sam Azbel- Lake Highland