Adam Tomasi Wins the 2013 Collegiate Round Robin


New York, NY- NSD will be live tweeting the Collegiate Round Robin with the hashtag #CollegiateRR13.

Sacred Heart’s Adam Tomasi defeated Lexington’s Preetham Chippada to win the Collegiate Round Robin on a 6-1 Decision (McGinnis, Smith, Melin, Elisetty, Gorthey, Koh, *Student Vote [8-7]). Adam is coached by Dan Sapir and Jacob Nails. Preetham is coached Sara Sanchez, Chris Palmer, and Grant Weisberg.

Orange Pod

1. Sacred Heart AT- Adam Tomasi (13-1)

2. Harrison AG- Amy Geller (9-5)

3. Hockaday AH- Anne-Marie Hwang (9-5)

Brentwood KA- Kelsey Allen-Niesen

Collegiate NE- Nathan Ewing-Crystal

Lake Highland RS- Rikhav Shah

Scarsdale TC- Tomer Cherki

WDM Valley TF- TJ Foley


Blue Pod

1. Lexington PC- Preetham Chippada (13-1)

2. Northland Christian DL- Davis Labarre (10-4)

3. WDM Valley GS- Gina Scorpintini (7-7)

Benjamin Cardozzo AB- Alex Boukis

Brentwood SS- Sabrina Shammas

Bronx Science ID- Isis Davis-Marks

Des Moines Roosevelt EW- Emma Weddle

Newark Science CQ- Christian Qurioz



1) Adam Tomasi- Sacred Heart

2) Preetham Chippada- Lexington

3) Nathan Ewing-Crystal- Collegiate

4) Christian Quiroz- Newark Science

5) Gina Scorpiniti- WDM Valley