Rahul Gosain Wins the 2013 Crestian


Florida, USA- Congratulations to Scarsdale’s Rahul Gosain for defeating Lake Highland’s Sam Azbel to win the 2013 Crestian Invitational. Rahul is coached by Joe Vaughan, Coach Doug, and  Joseph Millman. Sam is coached by George Clemens, Martin Sigalow, Bryan Wilder, Michelle Jiang, and Terrence Lonam.


Double Octas

Lake Highland NN Advances w/out debating

Lake Highland SA Advances w/out debating

University DB Advances w/out debating

Oxbridge NV Advances w/out debating

Walt Whitman SC Advances w/out debating

LAMP RR Advances w/out debating

Ft. Lauderdale TT Advances w/out debating

Brandeis CD Advances w/out debating

Scarsdale RG Advances w/out debating

Columbus NA Advances w/out debating

Trinity Prep MP Advances w/out debating

Scarsdale MB def. University JR (Jacob Ronkin) (Dang, Ditzian, *Steirn)

Lake Highland RS def. Univeristy SK (Samantha Koreman) (Miller, *Shatzkin, Chy)

Dowling Catholic CK def. Lake Highland AD (Amanda Drummond) (Huett, Medeiros, Weaver)

Bettendorf TA def. Columbus MO (Michael Ortega) (Hymson, Querido, Wilder)

Scarsdale AY def. Lake Highland NK (Neal Kapoor) (Evnen, Schappaugh, Williamson)



Lake Highland NN def. Scarsdale AY (Adam Young) (Chy, Steirn, Shatzkin)

Lake Highland SA def. Bettendorf TA (Taylor Amey) (Hymson, Huett, Schappaugh)

Univeristy DB def. Dowling Catholic CK (Cati Kalinoski) (Wilder, Ditzian, Dang)

Oxbridge NV def. Lake Highland RS (Rikhav Shah) (*Weaver, Evnen, Montecalvo)
Scarsdale MB def. Walt Whitman SC (Sophia Caldera) (Shatzkin, Williamson, West)

LAMP RR def. Trinity Prep MP (Matthew Pregasen) (Hymson, Huett, Schappaugh)

Ft. Lauderdale TT def. Columbus NA (Nick Anderson) (Evnen, *Weaver, Montecalvo)

Scarsdale RG def. Brandeis CD (Courtney DeVore) d(Wilder, *Ditzian, Dang)



Scarsdale RG def. Lake Highland NN (Nikhil Nandu) (Williamson, West, *Chy)

Lake Highland SA def. Ft. Lauderdale TT (Troy Thisler) (Posner, *Weaver, Montecalvo)

University DB def. LAMP RR (Ruchir Rastogi) (*Ditzian, Shatzkin, Hymson)

Scarsdale MB def. Oxbridge NV (Nalin Vattigunta) (Dang, Wilder, Evnen)



Scarsdale RG Advances over Scarsdale MB (Michael Bogaty)

Lake Highland SA def. University DB (David Branse) (*Hymson, Shatzkin, Williamson)



Scarsdale RG def. Lake Highland SA (Sam Azbel)



1) Troy Thisler- Ft. Lauderdale

2) Courtney DeVore- Brandeis

3) David Branse- University

4) Saahil Jain- University

5) Nikhil Nandu- Lake Highland

6) Rahul Gosain- Scarsdale

7) Nick Anderson- Columbus

8) Matthew Pregasen- Trinity Prep

9) Jacob Rokin- University

10) Nalin Vattigunta- Oxbridge

11) Sophia Caldera- Walt Whitman

12) Rikhav Shah- Lake Highland

13) Cati Kalinoski- Dowling Catholic

14) Sam Azbel- Lake Highland

15) Michael Ortega- Columbus

16) Adam Young- Scarsdale

17)Neal Kapoor- Lake Highland

18) Jeremy Petuevsky- Coral Springs

19) Taylor Amey- Bettendorf

20) Arvind Raju- Trinity Prep