Akhil Jalan Wins the 2013 Damus Hollywood Invitational

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Los Angeles, CA- Congratulations to PV Peninsula’s Akhil Jalan for defeating Immaculate Heart’s Katie Hughes to win the 203 Damus Hollywood Invitational. Akhil is coached by Scott Wheeler, Akash Gogate, and Chris Theis. Katie is coached by Nameah Morris and Michelle Jiang.


Full results will be posted once released. 


Advances w/out debating

Marlborough AG

Torrey Pines AI

Marlborough PS

PV Peninsula AT

Brophy KC

Immaculate Heart KH

PV Peninsula AJ


Torrey Pines SS

Immaculate Heart AS

Brophy CJ

Bingham TP

Arcadia VL

Immaculate Heart LM def. Harker SR (Torson, Rosen, Michael Overing)

Harker KQ def. Meadows SR (Spence, Placido, Nadel)



Torrey Pines AI def. Brophy KC (Kaitlin Coltin)

Brophy CJ def. Torrey Pines SS (Sujay Singh)

Immaculate Heart AS def. Arcadia VL (Victor Li)

Torrey Pines VB def. Marlborough AG (Annie Gersh)

Immaculate Heart KH def. Bingham TP (Thomas Phung)

FSHA MC def. Marlborough PS (Paris Sanders)

PV Peninsula AT def. Harker KQ (Karen Qi)

PV Peninsula AJ def. Immaculate Heart LM (Louisa Melcher)



Immaculate Heart AS def. PV Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe) (Miyamoto, Rosen, Torson)

Immaculate Heart KH def. Brophy CJ (Chris Jordan) (Placido, Conrad, Torson)

FSHA MC def. Torrey Pines VB (Varun Bhave) (Miayamoto, Nadel, O’Krent)

PV Peninsula AJ def. Torrey Pines AI (Ash Israni) (Morris, Nadel, O’Krent)



Immaculate Heart KH over Immaculate Heart AS (Ariel Shin)

PV Peninsula AJ def. FSHA MC (Maddie Collins)



PV Peninsula AJ def. Immaculate Heart KH (Katie Hughes)