Eric Hale Wins the 2013 Dowling Catholic Paradigm



WDM Valley, Iowa- Congratulations to Bettendorf’s Eric Hale for winning the 2013 Dowling Catholic Paradigm. Eric defeated WDM Valley’s Jason Smith in finals. Eric is coached by Joe Rankin and Moses Sloven. Jason is coached by Dave McGinnis, Lucy Korsakov, Alex Kramer, and Adam Hoffman.



Lake Highland NN Advances without debating

Hopkins CK  Advances without debating

Bettendorf EH  Advances without debating

Hopkins MB  Advances without debating

WDM Valley JS  Advances without debating

Bettendorf TA  Advances without debating

Lake Highland SA  Advances without debating

SLP DC  Advances without debating

Des Moines Roosevelt EW  Advances without debating

Hopkins SG def. Okoboji HG (Hannah Grovsner) (Brown, Slavnes (Sloven), McConnell)

WDM Valley GS def. Lake Highland KP (Krupali Patel) (Woodhouse, Ave, Tisher)

Cypress Woods NS def. Evanston EW (Eric Weine) (*Agrawal, Tierney, Maude)

WDM Valley TG def. Eagan RL (Ryan Lowder) (Power, *Horowitz, Clemens)

Lake Highland NK def. Glenbrook South JB (Jane Brennan) (Laverty, Miller, Kramer)

Lake Highland MC def. Millard North CB (Connor Brown) (Bartlett, Matson, Hymson)

Evanston JS def. Barrington SN (Sienne Nordquist) (Cox, Ditzian, McClung)



Lake Highland NN over Lake Highland NK (Neal Kapoor)

Hopkins CK over Hopkins SG (Sam Greenwald)

Bettendorf EH vs. Evanston JS (Joey Schnide) (Miller, Cox, Bartlett)

Hopkins MB def. Cypress Woods NS (Natasha Stewart) (Brown, Hymson, *Slavens (Sloven))

WDM Valley JS def. Lake Highland MC (Michael Corder) (Maude, Tierney, Woodhouse)

WDM Valley GS def. Bettendorf TA (Taylor Amey) (Ditzian, Ave, Power)

Lake Highland SA def. WDM Valley TG (Trent Gilbert) (McClung, Agrawal, Tisher)

SLP DC def. Des Moines Roosevelt EW (Emma Weddle) (Laverty, Horowitz, Renzi)



WDM Valley JS def. Hopkins CK (Claire Kueffner) (McClung, Tierney, Woodhouse)

Lake Highland NN def. WDM Valley GS (Gina Scorpintini) (Agrawal, Maude, *Horowitz)

Lake Highland SA def. Hopkins MB (Mia Berman) (*Miller, Slavens (Sloven), Hymson)

Bettendorf EH def. SLP DC (Dana Councilman)(*Laverty, Power, Renzi)



Bettendorf EH def. Lake Highland SA (Sam Azbel) (Miller, Brown, Renzi)

WDM Valley JS def. Lake Highland NN (Nikhil Nandu) (Agrawal, Tierney, McClung)



Bettendorf EH def. WDM Valley JS (Jason Smith) (Ave, Maude, *Hymson)