Leah Shapiro wins the 2013 Iowa Caucus



Cedar Rapids, IA- Congratulations to St. Louis Park’s Leah Shapiro for defeating Hopkins’ Claire Kueffner to win the 2013 Iowa Caucus (Korsakov, Sloven, Mayes, *Miller, Rankin) . Leah is coached by Charles McClung, Christian Tarsney, Graham Tierney, Geoffrey Kristof, and Matt Zavislan.


Full Results will be posted once released. 


Hopkins CK (aff) def. Bettendorf EH (Korsakov, Laverty, McClung)

St. Louis Park LS def. St. Thomas SD (Rankin, Smith, Mayes)


St. Louis Park LS def. Hopkins CK (Claire Kueffner) (Korsakov, Sloven, Mayes, *Miller, Rankin.)

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    Full results. Congrats to Leah and Claire on finals, and Eric
    and Sean on the bids. If there are any mistakes just let me know.

    NOTE: Only octas ballots are up so sorry for not knowing
    judge results past that.


    Bettendorf EH def. Eagan NG (Nurullah Goren) 3-0 (Smith, Meyer, McElwain)

    St. Thomas CP def. Des Moines Roosevelt EW (Emma Weddle) 2-1
    (Miller, Korsakav, *Laverty)

    SLP DC def. Valley CT (Conal Thomas-McGinnis) 2-1 (Ahlstrom,
    Rankin, *Matson)

    Hopkins MB def. Bettendorf TA (Taylor Amey) 2-1 (McClung,
    Laverty, *Wilson)

    SLP LS def. Hopkins RA (Rae Akinsaya) 3-0 (Sloven, Mayes,

    Hopkins CK def SF Lincoln DM (David Mikayelyan) 3-0
    (Ahlstrom, Korsakov, Matson)

    St. Thomas SD def. Valley TG (Trent Gilbert) 2-1 (Mayes,
    Magyar, *McClung)

    Dowling CK def. Valley TF (T.J. Foley) 2-1 (Smith, McElwain,

    Quarters: (Judge Results Unknown)

    Bettendorf EH def. SLP DC (Dana Councilman)

    Hopkins CK def. Dowling CK (Cati Kalinoski)

    St. Thomas SD def. Hopkins MB (Mia Burman)

    SLP LS def. St. Thomas CP (Connor Plunkett)


    SLP LS def. St. Thomas SD (Sean Doherty-Powell)

    Hopkins CK def. Bettendorf EH (Eric Hale)


    SLP LS def. Hopkins CK (Claire Kueffner)


    St. Louis Park LS (Leah Shapiro)