Shawn Xiong Wins the 2013 Isidore Newman Invitational


New Orleans, LA- Congratulations to Cypress Woods’ Shawn Xiong for defeating Greenhill’s Mitali Mathur to win the 2013 Isidore Newman Invitational. Shawn is coached by Heath Martin and Jared Woods. Mitali is coached by Aaron Timmons and Rebecca Kuang.



Kempner AB def. Northland MZ (Maggie Zollo)

Northland SH def. Greenhill GB (Graham Baker)

Vestavia JP def. Flower Mound AZ (Audrey Zhang)

Cypress Woods XX def. Northland DS (Diya Salian)

NO JH def. North Crowley AR (Andres Rosero)

Christ Episcopal MK def. Greenhill VA (Varad Agarwala)

CTY JL def. Greenhill BE (Benito Eckert)

Greenhill MM def. Flower Mound JS (Jalaj Sood)



Cypress Woods XX def. Christ Episcopal MK (Matthew Koshak) (Timmons, Maier, Selman)

CTY JL def. Kempner AB (Azam Baig) (Lonam, Rocha, Woods)

Vestavia JP over. Jesuit JH (Jim Huang)

Greenhill MM def. Northland SH (Shania Hunt) (Koshak, Matton, Bates)



Cypress Woods XX def. CTY JL (Jae Ahn)

Greenhill MM def. Vestavaia JP (Jack Patton)



Cypress Woods XX def. Greenhill MM (Mitali Mathur)


  • huuhh

    Wait… did he let you win???

  • CTYcrossoverJA

    Jae Ahn lost to Cypress Woods, not to Mitali.

  • ipgunn

    Congratulations to all those who bid and qualled.

    Congratulations and thanks also go to Greg Malis and Alma Nicholson for continuing to run a great tournament. It seems like a lifetime ago that Greg wrote somewhere (VBD probably) asking the debate community to step up and support the New Orleans debate community after Katrina by supporting the Newman Invitational. I believe Greg said at one point this year’s tournament was the largest the tournament has been since 2004. On behalf of many New Orleanians who have benefited from having such a great tournament in our city as the focal point for the New Orleans debate community’s revival, thanks to everyone who came and supported us in those difficult years after Katrina and who continues to support the return of this great tournament. Thanks Greg and Alma for your tireless dedication and for restoring this tournament’s prominence.

  • JP Stuckert

    Way to go Shawn! Congrats on the win and the much deserved qual.