Los Angeles, CA- Congratulations to PV Peninsula’s Akhil Jalan for defeating Brentwood’s Jackson Lallas to win the 1st Loyola Invitational. Akhil is coached by Scott Wheeler, Akash Gogate, and Chris Theis. Jackson is coached by Victor Jih, Mollie Cowger, Naila Dharani, Erik Legried, Dylan Scher, and Richard Shmikler. The Loyola Invitational was also the first bid tournament to ever use online balloting.


Advances Partial Doubles without debating

La Jolla RP

Brentwood JL

PV Peninsula AT


Meadows SM


Brentwood CH

Immaculate Heart KH

PV Peninsula AJ

Los Altos SD

Del Mar Independent VB

Leucadia SW

PV Peninsula RT

Claremont JH

PV Peninsula JW def. San Marino NL (Nathan Lam) (Alderete, Fife, Fink)

John Marshall DD def. San Marino NT (Nicholas Truong) (Harris, Torson, Grishaber)



La Jolla RP def. PV Peninsula JW (Jerry Wang) (Harris, Fink, Torson)

Brentwood JL def. John Marshall DD (David Dosch) (Jiang, Placido, Spence)

PV Peninsula AT def. Claremont JH (Joe Hurley) (Alderete, Bietz, Bistagne)

Harvard Westlake TC def. PV Peninsula RT (Raam Tambe) (Grishaber, Fink, Morris)

Meadows SM def. Leucadia SW (Shayne Walton) (Solomon, Torson, Fife)

Del Mar Independent VB def. Harvard Westlake WG (William Gingold)  (*Grishaber, Bistagne, Fife)

Los Altos SD def. Brentwood CH (Carson Horky)  (Jablon, Spence, Harris)

PV Peninsula AJ def. Immaculate Heart KH (*Cowger, Dharani, Placido)



PV Peninsula AJ def. La Jolla RP (Ram Prasd) (Fink, *Placido, Torson)

Brentwood JL def. Los Altos SD (Salim Damerdji) (Jablon, Overing, Fife)

PV Peninsula AT def. Del Mar VB (Varun Bhave) (Bistagne, Solomon, Grishaber)

Harvard Westlake TC def. Meadows SM (Sabina Manzini) (Harris, Cowger, Spence)



PV Peninsula AJ def. HW TC (Tommy Choi) (Fink, Placido, Cowger)

Brentwood JL def. PV Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe) (Grishaber, Torson, Harris)



PV Peninsula AJ def. Brentwood JL (*Placido, Grishaber, Torson)



1) Jackson Lallas- Brentwood

2) Ram Prasad- La Jolla

3) Arjun Tambe- PV Peninsula

4) Akhil Jalan- PV Peninsula

5) Tommy Choi- Harvard Westlake

6) Salim Damerdji- Los Altos

7) Varun Bhave- Del Mar Independent

8) Shayne Walton- Leucadia

9) Sabina Manzini- Meadows

10) Raam Tambe- PV Peninsula