Varad Agarwala Wins the 2013 Meadows Invitational


Las Vegas, NV- Congratulations to Greenhill’s Varad Agrarwala for defeating College Prep’s Charlotte Lawrence (3-0).


Full results will be posted once released.



Brentwood JL over Brentwood MR (Micah Rosen)

HW MO def. Leucadia SW (Shayne Walton)

Brentwood JR def. HW NS (Nick Steele)

Greenhill VA def. Brentwood JP (Jared Paul)

CPS CL def. Loyola MG (McKay Giller)

Miramonte AB def. CTY JL (Jae Lee)

Kinkaid TG def. Immaculate Heart KH (Katie Hughes)

Brentwood JC def. HW CC (Cameron Cohen)




Brentwoood JC def. Kinkaid TG (Tyler Gamble)

Greenhill VA def. Brentwood JR (Jacob Reiter)

Brentwood JL def. Miramonte AB (Andrew Bower)

CPS CL def. HW MO (Michael O’Krent)



Greenhill VA def. Brentwood JC (Jacob Chorches)

CPS CL def. Brentwood JL (Jackson Lallas)



Greenhill VA def. CPS CL (Charlotte Lawrence)



1. Charlotte Lawrence- CPS
2. Jackson Lallas- Brentwood

3. Andrew Bower- Miramonte

4. Omar Gaidarov- Del Mar

5. Tyler Gamble- Kinkaid

6. McKay Giller- Loyola

7. Tom Kadie- Miramonte

8. Christian Paz- Loyola

9. Jae Lee- CTY

10. Cameron Cohen- HW