Sarah McDonagh Wins the 2013 Whitman Tournament

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Walla, Walla, WA- Congratulations to Centennial’s Sarah McDonagh for defeating Annie Wright’s Anisha Vora to win the 2013 Whitman Tournament! Sarah is coached by Paul Montreuil and Joe Allen.



Centennial SM Advances w/out debating

Annie Wright AV Advances w/out debating

Ferris AC Advances w/out debating

Wood River WC Advances w/out debating

Sprague BR Advances w/out debating

Gig Harbor MO Advances w/out debating

Interlake JC Advances w/out debating

Bainbridge Island JR Advances w/out debating

Eastside Catholic RY Advances w/out debating

Tahoma JR def. Renaissance Magnet MB (Mason Bolen) (Vraspir, Richards, Pollard)

Centennial ZM def. Blackfoot GC (Gentry Carter) (Vraspir, Richards, *Pollard)

Eastside Catholic TD def. Wood River LC (Lane Coulthard) (McDonagh, Miller, Tobin)

Wood River CH def. Renaissance Magnet AS (Aanish Shamin) (McDonagh, Miller, Tobin)

Eastside Catholic JM def. Renaissance MAgnet EW (Emily Werner) (Julian, Creek, Mohn)

Renaissance Magnet CH def. Eastside Catholic JS (Jerome Siangco) (Julian, Creek, Mohn)

Bainbridge Island JM def. Newport TJ (Tyler Julian) (Zuercher, Shellum, Thimm)



Centennial SM def. Bainbridge Island JM (James Maltman) (Smith, Mohn, Worst)

Annie Wright AV def. Renaissance Magnet CH (Chase Hainsworth) (Pollard, Julian, Hudgens)

Ferris AC (Andrew Chuang) def. Eastside Catholic JM (Joseph Meehan) (Edelson, Shemitz, McDonagh)

Wood River CH over Wood River WC (Wyatt Caccia)

Sprague BR def. Eastside Catholic TD (Tinuola Dada) (*Shellum, Sorenson, Pollard)

Gig Harbor MO def. Centennial ZM (Zane Miller) (Teals, Boudreau, Hudgens)

Tahoma JR def. Interlake JC (Justina Chen) (*Budak, Newmark, Thimm)

Bainbridge Island JR def. Eastside Catholic RY (Rose Young) (Miller, *Tran, Kuswa)



Centennial SM def. Bainbridge Island JR (Jacob Rieter) (East, Ivens- Duran, Flores)

Annie Wright AV def. Tahoma JR (Jayaram Ravi) (Smith, Edelson, Pollard)

Ferris AC def. Gig Harbor MO (Madeline Otto) (Hudgens, Shemitz, Sorenson)

Wood River CH def. Sprague BR (Brandon Roth) (Mohn, McDonagh, Creek)



Centennial SM def. Wood River CH (Chase Hutchinson) (Biers-Ariel, Richards, Emelet)

Annie Wright AV def. Ferris AC (Andrew Chuang) (Wagstaff, Tran, Menzies)



Centennial SM def. Annie Wright AV (Anisha Vora) (Ivens-Duran, Pollard, Mohn)



1. Sarah McDonagh- Centennial

2. Rose Young- Eastside Catholic

3. Anisha Vora- Annie Wright

4. Andrew Chuang- Ferris

5. Wyatt Caccia- Wood River

6. Darian Wood- Eagle

7. Jabari Barton- Tahoma

8. Brandon Roth- Sprague

9. Kortini Clements- Renaissance Magnet

10. Jayaram Ravi- Tahoma

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