Andrew O’Donohue Wins the 2013 Yale Invitational




















New Haven, CT- Congratulations to Collegiate’s Andrew O’Donohue for defeating Scarsdale’s Ben Ulene to win the 2013 Yale Invitational. Andrew is coached by Aracelis Biel and Mark Gorthey. Ben is coached by Joe Vaughan, Joseph Millman, Sam Mathews, and Doug Ulene. Thanks to Noah Thaler for the finalist picture.


Advances without debating

Scarsdale RG

Randolph NC

Walt Whitman DM

WDM Valley GS

Hunter College JC

Lake Highland RS

Stuyvesant SV

Sacred Heart AT

Monticello LS

Scarsdale BU

Scarsdale NT

Hunter College DL

Lake Highland NN

Scarsdale CB

Trinity Prep MP



Scarsdale BU def. Hunter College SC (Sarah Cogan)(Altman, Bauchan, Struver)

Ridge JW def. Concord Carlisle KF (Kevin Fan) (Bendi, Carruthers, Lavelle)

Loyola Blakefield EQ def. Ridge AM (Arianna Montero-Colbert) (Bowyer, Hoffman, Segal)

Shrewsbury NK def. Walt Whitman YC (Yael Caplan) (Chocianowski, Yi, Kitlan)

Monticello DT def. Benjamin Cardozo AB (Alex Boukis) (Ditzian, Augilard, Durkin)

Timothy Christian DL def. Princeton DE (Daniel Edelberg) (Edelman, Fithian, Randall)

Scarsdale MB def. Lexington LW (Linnea Warburton) (Koh, Feinzig, Camara)

North Allegheny DB def. Heights NG (Ned Gidley) (Leavoy, Aoyama, Dusaj)

Christopher Columbus NB def. Harrison KK (Kathryn Kenny) (Li, Borland, Holmes)

Trinity Prep AR def. Christopher Columbus MO (Michael Ortega) (Lizardo, Massey, Petersen)

Lexington AS def. Montville BG (Ben Gaudiosi) (Millman, Gorthey, Moretti)

Scarsdale AY def. Eastside Catholic TD (Tinuola Dada) (*Pritt, Carelli, Meleta)

Walt Whitman SC def. McDowell JP (Joe Pinto) (Samson, Reiter, Battis)

Regis HK def. Westford CZ (Christopher Zhang) (Spergel, Bathke, Thomas)

Newark Science SS def. Princeton CP (Connor Protter) (Sripathi, Elisetty, Lorentz)

Collegiate AO def. Walt Whitman LS (Lily Sun) (Weisberg, Uesato, Gichan)

Delbarton RT def. Ridge KS (Kaitlin Smalling) (Zhang, Donovan, Massey)



Scarsdale RG def. Walt Whitman SC (Sophia Caldera) (Gorthey, Hoffman, Pritt)

Ridge JW def. Trinity Prep MP (Matthew Pregasen) (Gorthey, Massey, Hoffman)

Sacred Heart AT def. Timothy Christian DL (Daniel Lufty) (Zhang, Ditzian, McGinnis)

Christopher Columbus NA def. Randolph NC (Nathan Cha) (*Massey,Ditzian, Reiter)

Monticello LS def. Regis HK (Harry Koo) (Millman, Carruthers, Segal)

Walt Whitman DM def. Loyola Blakefield EQ (Elliot Quaele)  (Zhang, Carruthers, Moretti)

Scarsdale BU def. Hunter College SC (Sarah Cogan) (Li, Yi, Elisetty)

WDM Valley GS def Lexington AS (Achal Srinivasan) (Li, Yi, Altman)

Scarsdale NT def. North Allegheny DB (Drew Bjorklund) (Randall, Carelli, Dusaj)

Newark Science SS def. Hunter College JC (Joanna Cohen) (Struver, Bowyer, Sripathi)

Collegiate AO def. Hunter College DL (Danny Li) (Massey, Meleta, Moretti)

Scarsdale AY def. Lake Highland RS (Rikhav Shah)(Randall, Weisberg, Dusaj)

Lake Highland NN def. Trinity Prep AR (Arvind Raju) (Edelman, Massey, Bowyer)

Stuyvesant SV def. Shrewsbury NK (Naveen Kumar) (Millman, Edelman, Meleta)

Scarsdale CB def. Monticello DT (Dustin Thomas) (Feinzi, Koh, Weisberg)

Scarsdale MB def. Delbarton RT (Ryan Teehan) (Feinzig, Koh, *Pritt)



Collegiate AO def Walt Whitman DM (Daisy Massey) (Hoffman, Gichan, Sripathi)

Christopher Columbus NA def. Lake Highland NN (Nikhil Nandu) (Massey, MILLMAN, Lizardo)

Scarsdale AY def. Monticello LS (Lucas Smith) (Weisberg, Uesato, Koh)

Sacred Heart AT def. Stuyvesant SV (Sweyn Venderbush) (Randall, Samson, Moretti)

Scarsdale BU def. Newark Science SS (SunHee Simon) (Ditzian, Carelli, Donovan)

Scarsdale CB def. Ridge JW (Jack Wilson) (Pritt, Carruthers, Bauchan)

Scarsdale NT def. WDM Valley GS (Gina Scorpintini) (Gorthey, Yi, Dusaj)

Scarsdale RG over Scarsdale MB



Scarsdale CB over Scarsdale RG (Rahul Gosain)

Scarsdale BU over Scarsdale NT (Noah Thaler)

Collegiate AO def. Scarsdale AY (Adam Young) (Carruthers, Hoffman, Bauchan)

Sacred Heart AT def. Christopher Columbus NA (Nick Anderson) (Koh, Massey, Gorthey)



Scasrdale BU over Scarsdale CB (Charlie Blatt)

Collegiate AO def. Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi) (*Weisberg, Li, Bowyer)



Collegiate AO def. Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene) (Li, Zhang, Douglas)



1. Adam Tomasi- Sacred Heart

2. Lucas Smith- Monticello

3. Ben Ulene- Scarsdale

4. Noah Thaler- Scarsdale

5. Arianna Montero-Colbert – Ridge

6. Danny Li- Hunter College

7. Nick Anderson- Christopher Columbus

8. Nikhil Nandu- Lake Highland

9. Charlie Blatt- Scarsdale

10. Matthew Pregasen- Trinity Prep


  • Nick Anderson

    Congrats to Andrew O’Donahue for leading the rebellion against Scarsdale heg and winning the war! Another congrats to Adam Tomasi for being one of the 3 not-Scardale rebels in quarters! And finally congrats to Scarsdale for having 6 kids bid, like whoa!

    • Charlie Blatt


      • Debater

        Sic Semper Tyranus

  • Jacob Pritt

    some congratulations are in order.

    Shout out to Michael “I Woke Up In A New” Bugatti for securing the first bid for #GDS.

    Also, Noah and Ben for successfully continuing to rep #justicelab

  • Adam Hoffman


    • Emily Massey

      Wow wish we had known how you felt before octos.

      • Adam Hoffman

        I’m excited for Andrew because he just won a tournament, and he’s someone I’ve watched develop as a debater for the last few years. It’s unclear to me what that has to do with an octos round from four hours ago.

      • Debater

        Is it really necessary to accuse someone of rigging a round when there is a decision you don’t agree with? I know that you might not personally do this often, but as a community debaters and coaches have started jumping to accusations too quickly.

        • Salim Damerdji

          Accusing someone of rigging a round is not the same as claiming a judge should disclose potential conflicts. Sure, it’s ambiguous whether Adam was a conflict in that round (as are most conflicts), but I’d be pissed too if a judge who voted against me celebrated my opponent’s win online. (And just to clarify, I have no idea whether Adam should’ve conflicted himself from Andrew or not.)

          I think this is just a symptom of the community’s really vague criteria for who counts as a conflict. Do lab leaders count? Does informal coaching count? Does working with the judge’s kids count? How much can I talk to them before they’re a conflict? Inevitably without clear-cut rules, some people will be upset when they lose to debaters who pref’d friends and others will pref friends to win. And there won’t be any legitimate recourse, only pointless flame wars.

          • Debater

            I don’t think that cheering for someone when they win a tournament is grounds for a conflict, although I agree that the rules are pretty fuzzy. Thinking someone is a good debater or believing they work in general doesn’t change the arguments that are made in-round. It seems like a step in the wrong direction to legitimize criticizing a judge for not conflicting himself for congratulating someone who won a major tournament. That would seem to indicate that judges can only congratulate those they coach, which doesn’t seem right.

  • Jonas


    Collegiate AO vs. Scarsdale BU