Shawn Xiong Wins the 2013 Strake Jesuit/TDC Tournament

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Houston, TX- Congratulations to Cypress Woods’ Shawn Xiong for defeating Travis’s  Arun Sharma to win the 2013 Inaugural Strake Jesuit/ TDC Tournament on a 3-0 decision (Wright, Sullivan, Race). Shawn is coached by Heath Martin and Jared Woods. Arun is coached by Laura Kennedy. Thanks to Terrence Lonam for results.



Marcus LH def. Dulles SK (Suchin Kundra) (Sims, Cory, Sigalow)

Katy Taylor NY def. Kempner RA (Rafael Acosta) (Heizelman, Sullivan, Michael P Harris)

Kinkaid EH (Emma Hanan) (Koshak, Race, Hodge)

University AF def. St Johns MH (Michael Huang) (Cockfroft, Wright, Dang)

Kinkaid MS def. Kempner VN (Vincent Nguyen) (O’Neal, Ho, Kassam)



Clements FT def. Katy Taylor NY (Neel Yerneni) (Wright, Sullivan, Hodge)

Woodlands College VM def. Marcus LH (Lyndie Ho) (Wei, Tyger, *Hense)

Cypress Woods XX def. Houston Memorial RM (Rajat Mehndiratta) (Guha, Avantsa, McCormick)

Christ Episcopal MK def. CTY JL (Jae Lee) (Lewis, Beane, *Dang)

Travis AS def. Kinkaid MS (Michael Sands) (Cory, *Woods, Race)

Law Magnet DD def. University AF (Alejandro Frydman) (Gorthey, Lonam, Sigalow)

Katy Taylor JY def. Kempner AB (Azam Baig) (Michael P Harris, Heizelman, Kassam)

Clements RG def. Kinkaid TG (Tyler Gamble) (O’Neal, Spence, *Acevedo)



Travis AS def. Christ Episcopal MK (Matthew Koshak) (Castillo, McCormick, Race)

Cypress Woods XX def. Law Magnet DD (Dino DeLao) (Spance, Dang, Tyger)

Woodlands College VM def. Katy Taylor JY (Jason Yang) (*Heizelman, Wright, Gorthey)

Clements RG over Clements FT (Felix Tan)



Cypress Woods XX def. Woodlands College VM (*Heizelman, Gorthey, Dang)

Travis AS def. Clements RG (Rebecca Gelfer)



Cypress Woods XX def. Travis AS (Arun Sharma) (Wright, Sullivan, Race)



1. Arun Sharma- Travis

2. Rebecca Gelfer- Clements

3. Matthew Koshak- Christ Episcopal

4. Felix Tan- Clements

5. Dino DeLao- Law Magnet

6. Neel Yerneni- Katy Taylor

7. Rajat Mehndiratta- Houston Memorial

8. Lyndie Ho- Marcus

9. Xixiang Xiong- Cypress Woods

10. Venkatesh Muppaneni- Woodlands

11. Azam Baig- Kempner

12. Tyler Gamble- Kinkaid

13. Michael Huang- St. John’s

14. Vincent Nguyen- Kempner

15. Jason Yang- Katy Taylor

16. Michael Sands- Kinkaid

17. Jae Lee- CTY

18. Alejandro Frydman- University

19. Samir Rahi- Clements

20. Nolan Burdett- Dulles