Terrence Lonam Wins Lexington


Lexington, MA–Terrence Lonam of Lake Highland Prep is the champion of the 2013 edition of the Lexington Winter Invitational. Terrence defeated Danny Debois in the final round. Terrence is coached by George Clemens, Bryan Wilder, Martin Sigalow and Michelle Jiang. Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig.

Special thanks to Chris Palmer’s spectacular (and free!) registration, pairing and tabbing website, tabroom.com, which provided live pairings and results from Lexington’s Winter Invitational.

Honda Wang penned a masterpiece; Hurricane Havoc. http://bit.ly/UbRPyv

Congratulations to Aracelis Biel, director of debate at Collegiate, in New York, for winning The Michael Bacon Coaching Award! The award “was established in 1989 to honor coaches and judges who serve debate but are not classroom teachers,” and you can find a list of previous winners here: biglex.tabroom.com/history/coaches-award/

Full results below:


Milburn YY def. Walt Whitman NK (Nathaniel Korn)
Bronx Science SS def. Scarsdale NT (Noah Thaler)
Sacred Heart AT def. FSHA MA (Monica Amestoy)
Collegiate AO def. Hunter College DL (Danny Li)
Lake Highland TL def. Northland Christian ML (Morgan Lawson)
Carpe Diem JM def. Monticello PC (Peter Chocolate)
WDM Valley JS def. Kinkaid JL (John Lewis)
Cypress Bay JS def. Ridge JW (Jack Wilson)
CPS CL def. Encinitas BC (Brennan Caruthers)
WDM Valley LK def. Harrison PG (Patty-Jane Geller)
Northland Christian SH def. Byram Hills JA (Josh Altman)
Stuyvesant SH def. Fordham Prep DJ (David Joannides)
WDM Valley MN def. Bronx Science DM (Daiya Massac)
Cypress Bay RS def. Northland Christian DL (Davis LaBarre)
Scarsdale BU def. Timothy Christian AM (Andrew Maleta)
Harrison DD def. Lake Highland NN (Nikhil Nandu)


Harrison DD def. Bronx Science SS (Shai Szulanski)
Lake Highland TL def. Collegiate AO (Andrew O’Donohue)
Sacred Heart AT def. Northland Christian SH (Shania Hunt)
WDM Valley MN over WDM Valley JS (Jason Smith)
Carpe Diem JM def. CPS CL (Charlotte Lawrence)
Cypress Bay RS def. Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene)
Millburn YY def. WDM Valley LK (Lucy Korsakov)
Stuyvesant SH def. Cypress Bay JS (Jake Steirn)

Quarterfinals (bid):

Harrison DD (neg) def. Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi)
Lake Highland TL (neg) def. WDM Valley MN (Megan Nubel)
Carpe Diem JM (AFF) def. Cypress Bay RS (Robbie Steirn)
Millburn YY (AFF) def. Stuyvesant SH (Samantha Hom)


Harrison DD (AFF) def. Carpe Diem JM (Joseph Millman) 3-0 (Clemens, Davis, Weisberg)
Lake Highland TL (neg) def. Millburn YY (Yang Yi) 2-1 (*Cameron, Miller, Wang)


Lake Highland TL (AFF) def. Harrison DD (Danny Debois) 2-1 (Miller, Wang, *Weisberg)


Lake Highland TL (Terrence Lonam)