West Des Moines Valley’s Nanticha Lutt is the champion of Terrence’s Lonam’s affection! This comes as a result of a full season’s worth of effort, starting all the way back at the Crestian and progressing until this weekend, dwarfing the already impressive Great Midwestern Novice National Championships. The Tournament is a Champion’s bid to the 2013 West Des Moines Valley Prom!

And so the question remains: Will you go to prom with me? <3 Full Results Below: Semifinals: (1) WDM Valley NL (AFF) def. (4) Hogwarts EW (Emma Watson) 3-0 (2) District 12 JL (NEG) def. (3) Zombieland ES (Emma Stone) 2-1 Finals: WDM Valley NL (AFF) def District 12 JL (Jennifer Lawrence) 9-0 Champion: WDM Valley NL (Nanticha Lutt)