Richard Shmikler is 2013 VBT Champion

Los Angeles, CA–The VBT warm room:

Congratulations to St. Louis Park’s Richard Shmikler for defeating PV Peninsula’s Daniel Tartakovksy in the final round to win the 2013 Victory Briefs Tournament! Richard is coached by Charles McClung, Christian Tarsney, Graham Tierney, and Geoffrey Kristof. Daniel is coached by Samantha Weiss and Chris Theis.


Brentwood TH Def. Harker KD (Karan Das-Grande)
Los Altos SD def. Harker RX (Raymond Xu)
Harker SP def. Albuquerque Academy JB (Jessica Berry)
HW WG def. Katy Taylor NY(Neil Yerneni)
Apple Valley MK def. Southlake Carroll DP (Djorn Patel)
Northland Christian ML def. Immaculate Heart HS (Hiyawan Solomon)

Loyola MH def. Northland Christian ML (Morgan Lawson) (Choi, Fife, Fink)
Flintridge Sacred Heart MA def. La Jolla RP (Overing, *Nelson, Placido)
Kent Denver SM def. Apple Valley MK (Miriam Kelberg)(Holguin, Mallon, Moorehead)
Brophy SR def. Loyola CK (Chris Kymn)(Kumar, Holguin, Fife)
Palo Alto TC def. Harvard Westlake WG (William Gingold)(Gappmayer, Baghai, Malladi)
Harvard Westlake MO def. Loyola BK (Benjamin Koh)(Fink, *Malladi, Mallon)
Peninsula DT def. Harker SP (Srikar Pyda) (Bennett, Phillips, Meyers)
Millman def. Mission Peak Academy AB (Anand Balaji) (Gappmayer, Bhat, Phillips)
Peninsula HZ def. Los Altos SD (Salim Damerdji) (Li, McHugh, Purvis)
Peninsula AJ def. La Costa BC (Brennan Carruthers) (*Li, Bennett, Purvis)
SLP RS def. Brentwood TH (Tyler Hochman) (Theis, Scoggin, Pielstick)
Brophy CJ def. Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe) (Newkirk, Wynn, *Baghai)
HW AK def. Palo Alto AZ (Allen Zheng) (Coltin, Overing, Alderete)
Harker PR def. Meadows SM (Sabina Manzini) (*Theis, Overing, Newkirk)
Northland DL def. Meadows EH (Ed Hendrickson) (Newkirk, Wynn, *Kumar)
Lynbrook HS def. Northland SH (Shania Hunt) (Choi, *Scoggin, Meyers)

Brophy SR def. HW AK (Annie Kors)
Kent Denver SM def. Harker PR (Pranav Reddy)
Loyola MH def. Lynbrook HS (Haziq Siddiqi)
Flintridge MA def. Northland DL (Davis Labarre)
Palo Alto TC def. Brophy CJ (Chris Jordan)
Peninsula DT over Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan)
Millman def. Peninsula HZ (Henry Zhang)
SLP RS def. HW MO (Michael O’Krent)

Kent Denver SM def. Brophy SR (Samir Reddy)
Loyola MH def. Flintridge MA (Monica Amestoy)
Peninsula DT def. Carpe Diem Speech and Debate JM (Joseph Millman)
SLP RS def. Palo Alto TC (Travis Chen)

Peninsula DT def. Loyola MH (Michael Harris)
SLP RS def. Kent Denver SM (Sam Mathews)

SLP RS def. Peninsula DT (Daniel Tartakovsky)

St. Louis Park RS (Richard Shmikler)

  • Since there’s not a page for it yet I figured I would post the results from Churchill here. These debaters deserve some congrats as well.

    Westlake MG def. Salado DC (Dale Clement)
    Cypress Woods JD def. Trinity Valley PK (Parth Kalaria)
    Cypress Ridge YA def. Kempner SO (Shane O’Dwyer)
    Cypress Woods XX def. Stony Point RJ (Rachana Jadala)
    Westwood AG def. Houston Lamar VR (Vera Ranneft)
    Anderson HR def. Cypress Woods GJ (Grant James)
    Salado IH advances over Salado AS (Abigail Sullivan)
    Reagan CW def. Clear Lake WW (William Wu)

    Westlake MG def. Reagan CW (Christina Weiner)
    Cypress Ridge YA def. Anderson HR (Hannah Rosenblatt)
    Westwood AG def. Cypress Woods XX (Xixiong Xiong)
    Cypress Woods JD def. Salado IH (Isaac Hopkins)

    Westlake MG def. Westwood AG (Akhil Gandra)
    Cypress Woods JD def. Cypress Ridge YA (Yasmin Alaoui)

    Finals (bids to…)
    Cypress Woods JD def. Westlake MG 3-0 (Mark Gorthey)

    Cypress Woods JD (Jordan Durrani)

    • Rebar Niemi

      Finals bids are the lifeblood of debate. Helll yeaaah.

  • Shout out to Samir Reddy for making his quarters round extremely fun to watch by reading a speed K in the 1AR.

  • Conscientious Objector

    Do you realize the panel for this finals round was Michelle Choi, Eli Mallon, and Adam Bennett? In what way is Adam Bennett at all qualified to judge the finals round of an octas bid tournament?

    • JacobN1

      MPJ. Clearly the two finalists thought he was qualified. Having seen Adam judge before, I don’t understand why anyone would have a qualm with him being in the back of the room. He’s a fine critic.

    • Rebar Niemi

      Dude have you ever been to TOC? Shut up whiney baby.

    • .

      • Rebar Niemi


        • Cypher19

          I think he meant “bitch, swerve”

    • I had to spend six seconds of my life reading that post. Can I have them back?

  • Congrats to Richard for 1st place and for winning three bid tournaments in a row: semis bid at Dowling, quarters bid at Blake, and now an octas bid at VBT! Let’s take State next!

    • Rebar Niemi

      all this will be meaningless if you can’t win State.

  • Rebar Niemi


    • Cypher19

      Revenge is a dish best served cold