Rebecca Kuang wins the NDCA

Nashville, TN-Congratulations to The Greenhill School’s Rebecca Kuang and Harker’s Pranav Reddy for advancing to the NDCA final debate. On a 3-0 decision, Rebecca emerged as the victor! Rebecca is coached by Aaron Timmons, Jake Nebel, Lyall Stuart, and Noah Star. Pranav is coached by Ryan Fink and Greg Achten.

Partial Octafinals
Harker PR def. Lexington JC (Jerry Chen)
Livingston JX def. Lexington PZ (Paul Zhou)

Harker PR def. Meadows EH (Ed Hendrickson)
College Prep CL def. Round Rock BL (Brendan Langer)
Greenhill RK def. Livingston JX (Jessica Xu)
Lexington AH def. Harvard-Westlake AK (Annie Kors)

Harker PR def. College Prep CL (Charlotte Lawrence)
Greenhill RK def. Lexington AH (Adam Hoffman)

Greenhill RK def. Harker PR (Pranav Reddy)

Greenhill RK (Rebecca Kuang)