Rebecca Kuang is Texas Forensic Association State Champion

Grand Prairie, TX–Congratulations to Greenhill’s Rebecca Kuang for championing the 2013 TFA State tournament! She defeated Strake Jesuit’s Jeremy Dang in finals on a 3-0 decision. Rebecca is coached by Aaron Timmons, Jake Nebel, Bekah Boyer, Noah Star, and Lyall Stewart. Jeremy is coached by Jerry Crist, Murvin Auzenne, Chris Castillo, and Daniel Imas.

Greenhill RK def. Southlake Carroll DP (Djorn Patel)3-0 (Yim, Cavanaugh, Sims)
Hockaday CN def. Stony Point ZZ (Zoya Zia) 3-0 (Sims, Cavanaugh, Donovan)
Marcus DB def. Winston Churchill AW (Allie Woodhouse) 2-1 (Boyer, Hense, Oliverez*)
Westlake MG def. Marcus MH (Michael Harris) 3-0 (Aguilar, Boyer, Hense)
Flower Mound MG def. Cypress Woods XX (Xixiang Xiong) 2-1 (Rowston, Hamad, Lumpee*)
Northland Christian ML def. Greenhill BW (Brian Wiora) 2-1 (Rowston, Hamad, Russell*)
Lamar Consolidated DH def. Hockaday CC (Christine Chen) 3-0 (Woods, Allen, Aguilar)
Hockaday KQ def. Cy-Fair AP (Ajinkya Patwardhan) 2-1 (Berdugo, Boyd, Auzenne*)
Pflugerville TH def. Dulles JW (Jonathan Wei) 3-0 (Sullivan, Castillo, Schwartz)
Flower Mound JA def. Dulles AA (Akshay Avantsa) 2-1 (Sullivan, Castillo, Schwartz*)
Cypress Woods JD def. Kinkaid RP (Rizwan Popatia) 3-0 (McCormick, Cook, Gravely)
Kinkaid JL def. Clements RG (Rebecca Gelfer) 3-0 (Graham, Wright, Chan)
Strake Jesuit JD def. Cypress Falls HK (Hassan Khan) 3-0 (Graham, Wright, Fife)
Strake Jesuit JA def. Lamar Consolidated JN (Jolea Nealy) 3-0 (Nunley, Colling, Pittman)
Strake Jesuit SS def. Northland Christian SH (Shania Hunt) 3-0 (Yim, Ho, Kalla)
Westwood AG def. Cypress Woods GJ (Grant James) 3-0 (McCormick, Cook, Gravely)

Flower Mound MG def. Strake JA (Jonathan Acevedo) 3-0 (Rowston, Dillard, Lumpee)
Greenhill RK def. Strake SS (Steffen Seitz) 3-0 (Sims, Yim, Ho)
Hockaday CN def. Westwood AG (Akhil Gandra) 2-1 (Hamad, Donovan, Castillo*)
Pflugerville TH def. Westlake MG (Mark Gorthey) 3-0 (McCormick, Berdugo, Oliverez)
Strake JD def. Hockaday KQ (Kathy Qiu) 3-0 (Hense, Wright, Mahomes)
Kinkaid JL def. Marcus DB (Daniel Becker) 3-0 (Fife, Colling, Woods)
Flower Mound JA def. Cypress Woods JD (Jordan Durrani) 2-1 (Graham, Sullivan, Boyer*)
Lamar Consolidated DH def. Northland Christian ML (Morgan Lawson) 2-1 (McGee, Meffert, Russell*)

Kinkaid JL def. Flower Mound JA (Jacob Arnett) 2-1 (McCormick, Nunley, Mahomes*)
Flower Mound MG def. Hockaday CN (Chloe Naguib) 3-0 (Donovan, Sims, Hamad)
Greenhill RK def. Lamar Consolidated DH (Drew Heugel) 2-1 (Woods, Ho, Russell*)
Strake JD def. Pflugerville TH (Tillman Huett) 3-0 (Fife, Sullivan, Kalla)

Greenhill RK def. Kinkaid JL (John Lewis) 3-0 (Sykes, Donovan, Gravely)
Strake JD def. Flower Mound MG (Matt Gmitro) 3-0 (Sims, Fife, Rowston)

Greenhill RK def. Strake Jesuit JD (Jeremy Dang) 3-0 (Dillard, Gravely, Sims)

Greenhill RK (Rebecca Kuang)