Valley Seeks Nominations For Third Annual Sophomore Throw-Down

On Friday, September 27, 2013, West Des Moines Valley High School will host the Third Annual Sophomore Throw-Down.

Like the previous editions of the Throw-Down, this year’s event will include some of the best sophomore debaters in the country. We will also provide excellent hospitality and judging.

Our philosophy is to provide an opportunity for a group of the best debaters of the next three years to meet and compete, forming the basis for competitive friendships that will hopefully last for the rest of their careers.

All four Throw-Down finalists from  the first two editions went on to qualify for the TOC in their sophomore year, and both of the 2011 finalists were in elims of the TOC this year as juniors. We have every expectation that this year’s event will attract a similarly excellent level of competition.

Finally, we are confident that the Throw-Down features absolutely the coolest trophies of any event throughout the year. Participants receive a laser-etched glass trophy, while each finalist receives a cut crystal goblet with a real marble base (see above).

We’re looking for 12 of the country’s best rising sophomores to fill out our roster of competitors. Interested students or coaches should send an email to Dave McGinnis at:

m c g i n 0 2 9 @ g m a i l . c o m

Invitations for the event and entry details will be exchanged with each student’s coach.