Travis Chen Wins Voices RR and Annie Kors Wins the Educational Forum

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 8.33.30 PM
San Jose, CA. Congratulations to Palo Alto’s Travis Chen for defeating La Jolla’s Ram Prasad to win the 2013 Voices Round Robin. Trav is coached by Jennie Savage, Larry Liu, Elana Leone, Matt Delateur, and Alex Carter. Ram is coached by Jeff Liu, Tom Evnen, and Zack Parker.
The Educational forum also took place before finals. The panel consisted of Charlotte Lawrence, Ram Prasad, Srikar Pyda, Adam Tomasi, and Annie Kors. The discussion was moderated by Christine Chen, Tom Evnen, Elana Leone, and Adam Torson. Congratulations to Annie Kors for being selected as the winner of the educational forum by the audience. Annie is coached by Mike Bietz, Nate Zerbib-Berda, and Daniel Tartakovsky.
Full results of the RR will be posted once released.
Presentation Pod
Ram Prasad- La Jolla
Chris Kymn- Loyola
Dhruv Walia- Lynbrook
Adam Tomasi- Sacred Heart
Sabina Manzini- The Meadows School
Jason Smith- West Des Moines Valley
Voices Pod
Charlotte Lawrence- CPS
Annie Kors- Harvard-Westlake
Travis Chen- Palo Alto
Arjun Tambe- PV Peninsula
Sanika Kulkarni- Presentation
Srikar Pyda- The Harker School