Danny DeBois Wins The Beltway

Bethesda, MD–Congratulations to Harrison’s Danny DeBois, and his coach Chetan Hertzig, for capping a remarkable weekend by defeating St. Louis Park’s Richard Shmikler to win the third-annual PrepMatters Beltway Invitational at Walt Whitman HS. Danny did not drop a single ballot over the course of the tournament. Richard is coached by Charles McClung, Christian Tarsney, Graham Tierney, and Geoffrey Kristof.

13. Scarsdale CB (neg) def. 4. Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi) 2-1 (*Massey, Cameron, Acle)
12. College Prep CL (neg) def. 5. Scarsdale GR (Grant Reiter) 3-0 (Tarsney, Wilder, Nails)
6. Lake Highland TL (neg) def. 11. Scarsdale SN 2-1 (Acle, Nails, *Tarsney)
7. St. Louis Park LS (neg) def. 10. Lake Highland JA (Julian Alvarez) 2-1 (Parker, *Biel, Roth)
9. Scarsdale NT (neg) def. 8. Carpe Diem JM (Joseph Millman) (Wilder, Cameron, Pritt)

1. Harrison DD (AFF) vs Scarsdale NT 3-0 (Massey, Parker, Tarsney)
2. St. Louis Park RS advances over St. Louis Park LS (Leah Shapiro)
3. Collegiate AO (neg) vs. 6. Lake Highland TL 3-0 (Cameron, Nails, Roth)
12. College Prep CL (neg) def. 13. Scarsdale CB (aff) 3-0 (Acle, Pritt, Wilder)

1. Harrison DD (neg) def. 12. College Prep CL (Charlotte Lawrence) 3-0 (Massey, Roth, Tarsney)
2. St. Louis Park RS (AFF) def. 3. Collegiate AO (Andrew O’Donohue) 2-1 (Cameron, Pritt, *Wilder)

1. Harrison DD (neg) def. 2. St. Louis Park RS (Richard Shmikler) 3-0 (Nails, Parker, Roth)

Harrison DD (Daniel DeBois)

Speaker Awards:
1. Danny DeBois (Harrison DD)
2. Andrew O’Donahue (Collegiate AO)
3. Terrence Lonam (Lake Highland TL)
4. Leah Shapiro (St. Louis Park LS)
5. Adam Tomasi (Sacred Heart AT)
6. Joseph Millman (Carpe Diem JM)
7. Samantha Hom (Stuyvesant SH)
8. Richard Shmikler (St. Louis Park RS)
9. Noah Thaler (Scarsdale NT)
10. Grant Reiter (Scarsdale GR)

  • Congratulations to Andrew on receiving his first bid. He was impressive this weekend and really deserves the at large. Also, congrats to Danny on winning while being substantive (something that should happen a lot more), Charlotte for qualling, and Dick Shmik for another impressive performance.

    Finally, a huge congratulations to Ari Parker and Oliver Roth for defying all expectations and managing to run the tournament on time.

    • OHenry

      I just made an NSD update account to say thanks. It was really fun running this thing. Pritt needs a shout out for helping me decrypt Ari’s hieroglyphic interpretation of how the tournament should run.

  • Congratulations to Andrew O’Donohue, who finally bid to the TOC in his 7th bid round! I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than you do, and I can’t imagine anyone putting in as much work as you do! Great job, and we’re all rooting for the at-large!

    • And, by the way, it is spelled O’Donohue, not O’Donahue. Not sure why that keeps happening.