Walt Whitman Round Robin Finalists: Danny DeBois & Joseph Millman

Finals of the Walt Whitman Round Robin will be held at the University of Pennsylvania in early April. Congratulations to Danny and Joseph!

Georgetown, DC–Results through semifinals follow below:

Harrison DD def. (aff). SLP LS (Leah Shapiro) 2-1 (Massey, Wanless, *Wilder)
Carpe Diem JM (aff) def. CESJDS EL (Elana Leone) 2-1 (*Nails, Pritt, Simoneaux)

Finals (to be held Sunday or at the Penn Round Robin):
Harrison DD (Danny DeBois) & Carpe Diem JM (Joseph Millman)

1. Affirmative speech times will be 5-4-4.
2. The fourth round will use a challenge format: Debaters will select opponents from the pod that mirrors their own color; gray will debate gray and purple will debate purple. The lowest seeded debater, by cumulative ballot count, and the process will repeat until all judges and competitors are placed. After the judge is assigned, the respondent will have 15 seconds to select aff/neg or else they get tossed into the Potomac.
3. If debaters tie on overall ballots, then the first tiebreaker is head-to-head; second, dropped H/L speaker points; third, cumulative aff wins; fourth, overall speaker points. The final tiebreaker will be a lengthy psychological assessment of your in-round demeanor written by your pod’s namesake. (The parents will be disguised all day psychoanalyzing you and writing their assessment in the event of a tie.)