WDM Valley Announces Varsity Round Robin

West Des Moines Valley High School, its students and coaching staff, are pleased to announce the First Annual Valley Varsity Round Robin, a round robin that will feature 12 of the top varsity LD debaters in the country.

The Valley Varsity Round Robin will take place on the same day and in addition to our Third Annual Sophomore Throw-Down.

Like the Throw-Down, the Valley Varsity Round Robin will feature excellent judging, top-flight hospitality, and the coolest awards of the season. We will spare no expense to make the experience unique, challenging, and entertaining.

How will the Valley Varsity Round Robin be different?

Our philosophy has always been that the Mid-America Cup is a service to the debate community. That philosophy will inform our planning for the Varsity Round Robin as well. This event is your competition — an opportunity for a dozen of the most successful debaters of 2012-2013 to get together at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season for a competitive, collegial and fun event.

How will competitors be chosen?

Our goal is to bring together the most competitive pool possible. To that end, we will base our invitation list on those students who were competitive during the 2012-2013 season, with particular emphasis on success at the 2013 TOC. There will be some effort at balancing region, gender and other factors, and we will not extend more than 2 invitations to any school. If an invitation is declined, it will be offered to the next student on our list.

Over the next week or so, the first wave of invitations will be sent to students and coaches. We hope to publish a final list of competitors in August.


  • TheBerkeleyBear

    These forums are just getting weirder and weirder now that people have nothing to do before camp. Yeah I’m looking at you Rave_McBinnis, Fritz Pielstick’s impostor Fritts Peilstick, and Cunningham. You guys should get some summer plans instead of posting inane comments

  • anon321

    does anybody know why videos from TOC haven’t been posted yet

    • travisfife

      Greenhill hid them all…

      • anon321

        well that seems a bit excessive

      • Fritts_Peilstick

        Honestly, what the fuck is this. When is Greenhill going to stop
        bullying the debate community. That god damn Rebecca Kuang is just an
        excuse for Aaron Timmons to come back and infiltrate the LD community
        and fuck over the lone wolves, who would otherwise be roaming wild
        through the lands of California and the greater Southwest.

        don’t even give a fuck anymore. I’m done with this activity; I’ve moved
        on to bigger and better things, like doing pencil sketches and hawking
        them on the Interwebs. But it pisses me off when people like Paras Kumar
        get forgotten except for when they get on the threads to remind people
        in that fucking annoying way that the debate community has to attention
        span (shout out to my brown brother), but people like fucking Tanya
        Thanawalla live on in the public consciousness JUST BECAUSE SHE READ
        SOME FUCKING ISRAELI STRIKE DAs. Believe me, I’m German, that Israeli
        shit is 100% made up.

        But back to the issue at hand. FUCK YOU
        something: You are a bunch of douchebags. I can’t stand you. Your
        presence in the community is something awful. Your tactics are rancid,
        your coach is an abomination, and your campus has fucking peacocks.
        Seriously, what’s up with that. Also, fuck you Jake Nebel.

        But on
        a more serious note. I really appreciate all the awful shit you guys do
        to the community, because let’s be honest, without it I would have been
        forgotten years ago. You’ve kept me relevant by letting me rail against
        your awful ways, in the same way that your card cutters probably rail
        on cocaine, and for that I am eternally grateful. Especially since I can
        turn that relevance into publicity for my (admittedly pretty shitty)
        art. Check me out on Etsy though!

        Debate, thanks for paying for
        my beer money for years now. I’ve enjoyed getting drunk on your dime
        while pretending to do a good service. It’s been a good run.

        • Debater

          Why is this type of nastiness and impersonation acceptable on a moderated forum?

          • Fritz Pielstick

            As someone who is a bit of a social retard, I can tell you that many other social retards genuinely have nothing better to do than post inflammatory remarks about people, and accuse them of such terrible and offensive things as disliking Greenhill, drinking beer, and being friends with Paras Kumar. They also tend to criticize the talents of other people because they don’t have any meaningful talents of their own, and every time they see a decent ink drawing pop up on their newsfeed, it sucker punches them right square in the inferiority complex.

        • travisfife

          Fella you’re a little too turnt up right now… simmer down.

        • Fritz Pielstick

          This was some quality satire. Have you ever considered writing for The Onion?

        • Fritz Pielstick

          Also, I actually don’t do pencil sketches. Most of my work is done with an ink pen.

  • Debater

    Can we recommend people for the round robin?

    • mcgin029

      We are working from a list for this one. We’d love to have nominations of excellent freshmen for next year’s Sophomore Throw-Down.

    • Rave McBinnis

      Well, ‘we’ can recommend people if ‘we’ is the ‘royal we’ like my lovely
      Irish ancestors, who clearly did not have mental defects because they
      went on to raise such well-educated people. Or, ‘we’ can recommend
      people if your username is a misnomer and you are actually plural
      people, and not a singular people. Or, you are just an idiot and you
      clearly don’t understand grammar. I am a English teacher at a
      prestigious Midwestern public school (West Demoyne Rally), and you
      clearly are not up to snuff–or into snuff films, for that matter. Rave
      McBinnis out.