WDM Valley Announces Varsity Round Robin

West Des Moines Valley High School, its students and coaching staff, are pleased to announce the First Annual Valley Varsity Round Robin, a round robin that will feature 12 of the top varsity LD debaters in the country.

The Valley Varsity Round Robin will take place on the same day and in addition to our Third Annual Sophomore Throw-Down.

Like the Throw-Down, the Valley Varsity Round Robin will feature excellent judging, top-flight hospitality, and the coolest awards of the season. We will spare no expense to make the experience unique, challenging, and entertaining.

How will the Valley Varsity Round Robin be different?

Our philosophy has always been that the Mid-America Cup is a service to the debate community. That philosophy will inform our planning for the Varsity Round Robin as well. This event is your competition — an opportunity for a dozen of the most successful debaters of 2012-2013 to get together at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season for a competitive, collegial and fun event.

How will competitors be chosen?

Our goal is to bring together the most competitive pool possible. To that end, we will base our invitation list on those students who were competitive during the 2012-2013 season, with particular emphasis on success at the 2013 TOC. There will be some effort at balancing region, gender and other factors, and we will not extend more than 2 invitations to any school. If an invitation is declined, it will be offered to the next student on our list.

Over the next week or so, the first wave of invitations will be sent to students and coaches. We hope to publish a final list of competitors in August.