What Would I Say?: Debate Edition

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The website What Would I Say? has become an Internet craze, and we want to know your funniest debate-related pseudo-statuses. Any crazy jargon thrown together? Any unusual pairings of opponents or situations? Share in the comments below!

For now, here are some more highlights of NSD Update’s own feed:


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  • Debater

    “In the land of chocolate and Guattari, I literally have power”

  • Charlie Blatt

    Is this party actually happening? Because I would totally go…


    -Long day because i didnt run plans bad K incoming.

    -just that B division debater who doesnt seem right

    -Pofo makes the smell so much hell

    -Then I hope that will just extemp theory for over 5 weeks.

    -im stumped on how to lay debate help pls

    -First day at NSD debate camp in Wonderland.

  • Fritz Pielstick

    something about small schools

  • anon645

    “GDS for Ron Paul”

  • Jacob Nails

    — I was cutting onions to put on my brothers and determinism.

    — won another $50 in the 2NR.

    — Bored, a homeless man in rounds.

    — Wow, this status managed to attract every Indian Food.

    — Jan/Feb is in octofinals

    — You have blood shooting out for free will destroy human extinction …