Sam Natbony Announces the 2014 Penn RR Field

Philadelphia, PA- Samuel Natbony, the 2014 Penn Round Robin Director, has released this year’s field. Congratulations to all invitees. This year’s edition of the round robin will take place during the weekend of April 5th.


Andrew O’Donohue- Collegiate (NY)

Danny DeBois- Harrison (NY)

Ram Prasad- La Jolla (CA)

Shania Hunt- Northland Christian (TX)

Nathan Cha- Randolph (NJ)

Ben Ulene- Scarsdale (NY)

Leah Shapiro- St. Louis Park (MN)

David Branse- University (FL)

Jessica Levy- Walt Whitman (MD)

Daisy Massey- Walt Whitman (MD)