Sam Natbony Announces the 2014 Penn RR Field

Philadelphia, PA- Samuel Natbony, the 2014 Penn Round Robin Director, has released this year’s field. Congratulations to all invitees. This year’s edition of the round robin will take place during the weekend of April 5th.


Andrew O’Donohue- Collegiate (NY)

Danny DeBois- Harrison (NY)

Ram Prasad- La Jolla (CA)

Shania Hunt- Northland Christian (TX)

Nathan Cha- Randolph (NJ)

Ben Ulene- Scarsdale (NY)

Leah Shapiro- St. Louis Park (MN)

David Branse- University (FL)

Jessica Levy- Walt Whitman (MD)

Daisy Massey- Walt Whitman (MD)



  • MikeTyson

    Who is Ram Prasad? It seems like they passed up a better debater because of the organizer’s favoritism.

    • Kaushal2.0

      ram prasad is this super successful debater, search his name if u want to learn more. he’s got 10 bids to toc.

      • Sweyn

        He is being sarcastic you idiot

        • Confused

          You don’t have to cal him an idiot…
          It’s not easy to tell sarcasm with only text.
          don’t be a dick

        • Just to clarify, the above commenter is not me.

          • Confused


    • Kaushal2.0

      you might as well just switch back to the TwoChairs account bro

  • DebateGuy246

    Who is branse?

    • Martin Sigalow

      The man

    • Gregory

      *cough cough* Finals at Harvard, knocked out Ram Prasad *cough cough*

      • DebateGuy246

        Is that supposed to mean he’s good? He knocked out a good kid, so what?

        • Kaushal2.0

          Yeah it means he’s good lol…..especially when the kid he knocks out gets to Finals at literally every tournament he goes to….

          • Jaffrey

            Just because he deters finals doesn’t convolute the bid tile.

          • Kaushal2.0

            dude i’m saying that mr.branse is a boss

          • Jaffrey

            Michigan Colella-Hirn | Judge: Garcia-Lugo
            Advantage 1
            US cyber policy is being modeled worldwide—Causes cyber prolif.
            Gjelten 13
            (Tom Gjelten, correspondent for NPR, “Pentagon Goes On The Offensive Against Cyberattacks” February 11, 2013,, KB)

            With the Pentagon now officially recognizing cyberspace… have given speeches and spoken at conferences and other public events.”

            The Arms Race is gaining momentum—UK declaration proves now is the key time.
            Blitz 9/29
            Staff writer for Financial Times/Reuters¶ UK becomes first state to admit to offensive cyber attack capability¶ By James Blitz, Defence and Diplomatic Editor¶ Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham©Reuters

            A declaration by Britain… and the Foreign Office view this.”

            Only the plan can solve—acknowledging our own covert attacks establishes a norm that stops proliferation
            Goldsmith 10
            Jack Goldsmith, teaches at Harvard Law School and is on the Hoover Institution’s Task Force on National Security and Law. He was a member of a 2009 National Academies committee, “Can we stop the cyber arms race?” February 01, 2010,, KB)

            In a speech this month on “Internet freedom… reciprocal concessions by our adversaries.

            Congress must initiate a restriction – Failure irreversibly increases presidential power.
            Hansen and Friedman 9,
            Professors at the New England School of Law, (Victor and Lawrence, The Case for Congress: Separation of Powers and the War on Terror, p.130)
            The problem, of course, is that… and aggressive president.

            Congressional oversight guarantees a cooperative framework which is key to cyber capabilities.
            Dycus 10
            Stephen Dycus, internationally recognized authority on national security law and environmental law,“Congress’s Role in Cyber Warfare,” 2010,
            Congress obviously cannot… U.S. cybersecurity-related missions.”

            Lack of oversight causes hair trigger alert.
            Morgan 2010
            (Patrick M. Morgan, Tierney Chair, Peace and Conflict, Political Science School of Social Sciences PH.D., Yale University, “Applicability of Traditional Deterrence Concepts and Theory to the Cyber Realm,” Proceedings of a Workshop on Deterring Cyber Attacks,

            On the other hand, since they will likely… turned to a worst-case analysis.

            Independently, Presidential control over OCOs drives a cyber-arms race and pre-emptive nuclear strikes.
            Rothschild 13, Editor of Progressive Magazine, Matthew Rothschild is the editor of The Progressive magazine, which is one of the leading voices for peace and social justice in this country. Rothschild has appeared on Nightline, C-SPAN, The O’Reilly Factor, and NPR, and his newspaper commentaries have run in the Chicago Tribune, the L.A. Times, the Miami Herald, and a host of other newspapers. Rothschild is the host of “Progressive Radio,” a syndicated half-hour weekly interview program. And he does a two-minute daily radio commentary, entitled “Progressive Point of View,” which is also syndicated around the country. Rothschild is the author of You Have No Rights: Stories of America in an Age of Repression (New Press, 2007). He also is the editor ofDemocracy in Print: The Best of The Progressive, 1909-2009(University of Wisconsin Press, 2009)., The Dangers of Obama’s Cyber War Power Grab,
            There are no checks or balances… worry about the temptations of a President.

            The arms race escalates
            A) Miscalc
            Rosenzweig 9, Professor at Georgetown Law
            (Paul, founder of Reid Branch Consulting, specializing in homeland security, senior advisor to the Chertoff Group, Carnegie Fellow at Northwestern, professor at National Defense University, Editorial board at the Journal of National Security Law and Policy, deputy assistant secretary for policy at the US Department of Homeland Security, “National Security Threatsin Cyberspace” merican Bar Association Standing Committee on Law andNational Security And National Strategy Forum, September 2009,
            Offensive dominance creates a… could also ignite a conflict.124
            B) Third Parties
            Libicki 09
            Matthew Libicki, Ph.D, senior management scientist at RAND, “CYBERDETERRENCE AND CYBERWAR,” 2009, SJE

            An exchange of cyberattacks between states… Do not even start because who knows where it will lead

            C) Disproportional Retaliation
            Sanger 9
            (David E., “U.S. Steps Up Effort on Digital Defenses” April 27, 2009,
            In the rare case where the preparations… and that’s a little bit dangerous.”

            Nuclear War
            Lawson, Professor of Communication at Utah, 09
            (Cross-Domain Response to Cyber Attacks and the Threat of Conflict, 5/13,
            At a time when it seems impossible to avoid the seemingly… regarded with the same or greater seriousness.” 7

            Extinction—Consensus of scientists.
            Hogan 94 Michael Hogan, American scholar and president of the University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, The Nuclear Freeze Campaign, 1994, p. 52

            In the fall of 1983, a group of scientists led by Carl Sagan… endorsed by a large number of scientists.”
            Advantage 2
            The NSA scandal created an exodus of talent from the cyber industrial complex which endangers cyber security.
            Economist 13
            Hiring digital 007s; Consultancies and spy chiefs¶ The Economist, June 15,¶ A new cyber-industrial complex is rising. Should you worry?
            ¶ “AT BOOZ ALLEN, we’re shaping the future of cyber-security… they are more likely to take the threats seriously.

            Its reverse causal—Congressional oversight creates the transparency key to recruiting. Hackers are calling for less presidential authority.
            Kar 13
            US Government Wants to Win Hackers for Data Collection at Black Hat
            SAROJ KAR | AUGUST 5TH 13 Saroj is a Staff Writer at SiliconANGLE covering social and mobile news.
            The head of the U.S. National Security… attempts to change hackers’ perception of the NSA, he should think about his perception of hackers.)

            Legislation is the only way to reverse growing nihilism and distrust within the Cyber Industrial Complex.
            Peterson 13
            Why a former NSA chief just made a big mistake by dissing hackers
            By Andrea Peterson, Published: August 7 at 2:58 pm
            And who has the skills to help with that? Hackers.¶ That’s why the NSA… government cyber security efforts will.

            Absent the plan, the espionage scandal costs 15,000 recruits.
            Wyler 13
            Without Def Con, the Feds Have a Hacker Recruitment Problem
            By Grace Wyler, 7/17/13 reporter/staff writer.
            In addition to unveiling wholesale data collection systems… who tried to win over new recruits in 2009.

            The few good recruits go to the NSA for offense—DHS recruiting is key to defense.
            Boston Globe 13
            US looks to recruit student hackers¶ Wants them to defend against foreign attacks¶ By Nicole Perlroth | NEW YORK TIMES MARCH 25, 2013
            He was grounded and got detention…. or playing defense.¶

            Bad or corrupt experts destroy cyber defense.
            Michaels 13
            Tech hiring binge may pose security risks for government
            Jim Michaels, USA TODAY 1:18 a.m. EDT June 13, 2013
            Edward Snowden is a high school dropout. How did he land a $122,000-a-year job in a sensitive government program?
            WASHINGTON — Among the more curious revelations…”You don’t think of yourself as a U.S. citizen.”

            Strong defense and homeland security solves cyber-attacks.
            McGraw 10
            Gary McGraw Jun 17, 2010 Software Insecurity: Cyber War – Hype or Consequences? McGraw is the CTO of Cigital, Inc., a software security consulting firm with headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area and offices throughout the world. He is a globally recognized authority on software security. Dr. McGraw has also written over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications.)
            You won’t be surprised to hear me say that… filling out common criteria forms is not at all what I’m talking about.
            Cyber-attacks are up 680.
            FCW 12
            Advisory website on federal business and technology 2012: The year in cybersecurity
            Dec 05,
            Cyberspace was more dangerous than ever in 2012… behind the scenes to find a way in.”

            2013 is the brink—Consensus of experts.
            Goldman 13, CNN Writer, Nations Prepare for Cyberwar,
            Security analysts are predicting… assessments delivered to Congress last year.

            Cyber warfare threatens the entire financial system
            WSJ 12 – President of the United States (Barack, “Taking the Cyberattack Threat Seriously”, 7/20/12, Wall Street Journal,

            In a future conflict, an adversary unable… open to our cyber adversaries.
            This outweighs nuclear war.
            Information Week 7
            Information Week June 02, 2007 The Impact Of Cyberwarfare
            Cyberwarfare: What will it look like… try and maintain services within the country.

            Cyber theft is high now
            The Hill 13
            Snowden leaks unlikely to sway cyber theft negotiations with China, expert says¶ By Amrita Khalid – 07/09/13 02:44 PM ET¶
            Recent findings that China’s cyber… in his opening statement.
            Collapses the economy
            Anderson 13
            July 25, 2013 7:14 pm¶ Don’t let Snowden overshadow the real cyber threat¶ By Mark?Anderson Financial Times
            Japan was the first post-second… virtually every industry either produces or uses it”.

            Causes protectionism
            The Hill 13
            Snowden leaks unlikely to sway cyber theft negotiations with China, expert says¶ By Amrita Khalid – 07/09/13 02:44 PM ET¶
            “My experience with China… espionage,” said Wortzel.
            Protectionism snowballs
            Bernstein ‘10
            William J Bernstein, PHD, principal in the money management firm Efficient Frontier Advisors, and economic contributor to several publications, March 18 2010
            When goods are not… can end in Armageddon.

            Royal 10 (Jedediah, Director of Cooperative Threat Reduction at the U.S. Department of Defense, 2010, Economic Integration, Economic Signaling and the Problem of Economic Crises, in Economics of War and Peace: Economic, Legal and Political Perspectives, ed. Goldsmith and Brauer, p. 213-215)
            Less intuitive is how periods of economic… economic-security debate and deserves more attention.

            Cyber warfare is an existential risk
            Shimaell et. Al. 02
            Timothy Shimaell, Phil Williams Casey Dunlevy 2002 Countering cyber war (Timothy Shimeall is a senior analyst with the CERT Analysis Center of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with specific interests in cyber war and cyber terrorism. Phil Williams, a former NATO fellow, is a profes- sor at the University of Pittsburgh and a visiting scientist at the CERT Analysis Center. Casey Dunlevy is a former intelligence analyst, and leads the CERT Analysis Center.)
            Denial-of-service attacks would… profound and far-reaching.

            This means our impacts come first.
            Bostrom and Anderson 12
            (Nick Bostrom, PhD in philosophy of science from the London School of Economics, professor of philosophy at Oxford, director of the Future of Humanity Institute, director of the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology, recipient of the Eugene R Gannon Award, number 73 on Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers list, Ross Anderson, freelance writer, correspondent for the Atlantic, 3-6-12, “We’re Underestimating the Risk of Human Extinction,” GZ

            Some have argued that we ought… which would be tremendous under ordinary standards.

            Their defense is outdated—Infrastructure is constantly transferred to the internet.
            Samuelson 13
            Samuelson: Internet Armageddon? RobertSamuelson, Times Dispatch | Posted: Monday, July 1, 2013 12:00am
            By cyberwarfare, I mean the capacity of groups… underestimated the risk of sabotage.

            Plan: The United States federal government should establish congressional oversight for its Offensive Cyber Operations in Operational Preparation of the Environment.

            The military hides offensive cyber operations as “operational preparation of the environment” to keep them covert.
            Dycus 10
            Stephen Dycus, internationally recognized authority on national security law and environmental law,“Congress’s Role in Cyber Warfare,” 2010,
            Another potential obstacle… might create dangerous confusion.

            The plan prevents covert operations but creates flexibility.
            Dycus 10 s
            Stephen Dycus, internationally recognized authority on national security law and environmental law,“Congress’s Role in Cyber Warfare,” 2010,
            Set out below are some steps that Congress… out between the political branches.

        • Kaushal2.0

          also he didn’t beat just 1 good kid, he beat 5. Danny Li, Ram Prasad, Daisy Massey, Sam Greenwald, and Jessica Levy. All of these people are amazing…..

        • anonymus

          I would stop being ignorant because David Branse is an incredibly talented debater who consistently beats amazing debaters. And btw I think that being one of the three people capable of beating ram in the whole circuit is pretty damn impressive. let me know when you beat ram

          • anon247

            Whose the third?

        • MikeTyson

          he also has beat most of the people in the invite, has 4 bids, semi’d at emory, and won two rr’s including sunvite

      • MikeTyson

        Would you like a cough drop?

  • 2 Chairs

    This field looks fantastic! That said, who on earth is Nathan Cha? Seems like they passed up on someone who actually has talent to pander to Natbony’s agenda of favoritism.

    • CTYcrossoverJA

      Don’t be a dick, dude; Nathan got to quarters at Harvard and is an amazing debater. Don’t hate, appreciate.

    • BenjaminKoh

      Ya his being invited is very controversial and DEFINITELY something to post about under the name “2 Chairs” – like srsly, you can’t have 2 bids AND be good at debate right????

      Nah at Harvard he defeated a cumulative 17 bids so what up

    • BenjaminKoh

      ty for ur insight

      • BenjaminKoh

        Nah but seriously he beat a collective 17 bids at Harvard.

        Not that this should be too much of a surprise- but when you conclude your regular season with getting to quarters at one of the most competitive octas bids of the year, that probably means you ain’t bad

        • 2 Chairs

          Just because everyone here is better than you ever were doesn’t mean they’re actually good.

          • sjadler

            Honestly, can you just go away?

            Ben does WAY more for the community than anybody his age reasonably should. He also overcame way more in debate than you could possible understand (e.g. ), and it says a lot about his character that he’s stuck around to contribute to the community.

            Do Ben and Sam have some stake in Nathan? Yeah, obviously; congrats to you for cracking the case. But that doesn’t mean that Nathan is unqualified, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to rudely lash out at Ben. So either be constructive, or just disappear.

          • BenjaminKoh

            Mm yes classic debater who beat the finalist of Harvard, a debater with 7 bids who goes deep at every tournament she goes to, the winner of the a quarters bid, and two other debaters with bids (one being the finalist at a sems bid two weeks later) all at one tournament actually being horrible. That idea doesn’t really resonate with me- but whatevs

            Nah but I don’t want to fight with you- especially when you have two chairs and I don’t have any!

          • mcgin029

            Careful of your word choice. “Classic debater” means something entirely different to Minnesotans.

          • Monica Amestoy

            You probably just insulted the beloved person on this website. Just wanted to say the Ben Koh was one of the smartest debaters last year and better at the K than anyone mentioned on this list. Also, not sure who you are “2 Charis” but it should go without saying that even though Ben went to TOC and actually did have a successful career, a debater’s record is not indicative of how “good” of a debater they were.

          • Sam_Azbel

            Yo, you are a huge dick.


            Bro you should just tell us who you are, it would make you less of a coward……no reason to make fun of any debater. Every single debater works hard and that’s what should be respected. Hard Work is defined in any Harvard Quarterfinalist, or anybody who has reached a bid round at a competitive tournament.

          • John Belushi

            Thats right I agree with @Sam_Azbel:disqus you do have a huge dick.

          • Anon Debater

            He’s probably better than you.

          • JakeSteirn

            Either you won’t be at TOC, which means Ben was a better debater than you, or you will be at TOC, and i will make sure to have a boxing fight with you.

    • WhattaBeast

      He’s the kid who just swept Danny debois at this very tournament

    • Anon Debater

      If you’ll please look at the results from the Penn RR, you’ll notice Mr. Nathan Cha is now in finals.

    • Wesley Hu

      He’s that guy who just octafinal’d at TOC

    • BenjaminKoh