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Greenhill Round Robin

Prelim: Harrison DD vs. PV Peninsula AT



Finals: Harrison DD vs. Northland Christian SH



Octas: WDM Valley JS vs. Harker PR


Finals: Harrison DD vs. University DB



Brentwood JC vs Del Mar VB


Battle for Los Angeles

Prelim: Del Mar VB vs Brentwood JP

Prelim: Del Mar VB vs PV Peninsula AJ

Prelim: La Jolla RP vs. Brentwood JL

Prelim: La Jolla RP vs. Brentwood MR

Finals: La Jolla RP vs. PV Peninsula AJ


Harrison Round Robin

Prelim: Collegiate AO vs. Sacred Heart AT

Prelim: Harrison DD vs. Lexington PC



Prelim: Brentwood JC vs. Lake Highland NN

Prelim: Brentwood JL vs. Carlbrook CB

Prelim: Northland Christian DL vs. University SJ

Prelim: PV Peninsula AT vs. La Jolla RP

Prelim: Woodlands AC vs. Harrison DD

Doubles: University DB vs. PV Peninsula AJ

Octos: Carlbrook CB vs. Palo Alto TC

Octos: Harrison DD vs. PV Peninsula AJ

Octos: Loyola CK vs. Randolph NC

Octos: Sacred Heart AT vs. St. Louis Park LS

Quarters: La Jolla RP vs. Loyola CK

Sems: Harrison DD vs. Walt Whitman JL

Finals: Loyola CK vs. Harrison DD