25 New Videos Posted- Includes 13 Rounds from TOC

Go to NSD Videos to check out the 25 new videos posted! Thanks to Drew Burd, Michael Harris, and the Harrison Debate Team for the videos.

Greenhill Round Robin

Prelim: Harrison DD vs. PV Peninsula AT



Finals: Harrison DD vs. Northland Christian SH



Octas: WDM Valley JS vs. Harker PR


Finals: Harrison DD vs. University DB



Brentwood JC vs Del Mar VB


Battle for Los Angeles

Prelim: Del Mar VB vs Brentwood JP

Prelim: Del Mar VB vs PV Peninsula AJ

Prelim: La Jolla RP vs. Brentwood JL

Prelim: La Jolla RP vs. Brentwood MR

Finals: La Jolla RP vs. PV Peninsula AJ


Harrison Round Robin

Prelim: Collegiate AO vs. Sacred Heart AT

Prelim: Harrison DD vs. Lexington PC



Prelim: Brentwood JC vs. Lake Highland NN

Prelim: Brentwood JL vs. Carlbrook CB

Prelim: Northland Christian DL vs. University SJ

Prelim: PV Peninsula AT vs. La Jolla RP

Prelim: Woodlands AC vs. Harrison DD

Doubles: University DB vs. PV Peninsula AJ

Octos: Carlbrook CB vs. Palo Alto TC

Octos: Harrison DD vs. PV Peninsula AJ

Octos: Loyola CK vs. Randolph NC

Octos: Sacred Heart AT vs. St. Louis Park LS

Quarters: La Jolla RP vs. Loyola CK

Sems: Harrison DD vs. Walt Whitman JL

Finals: Loyola CK vs. Harrison DD